Introduction: WELLECH


edit: Info-handling.

Welcome Wellech, great to have you on board. I look forward to seeing and playing with you in game! Be sure to hop into Mumble from time to time to familiarize your’re self with a few people…I find it helps LOL. Again, great to have you!


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Thanks. :smiley:

I’ve reconsidered my role to be an Information Agent; to gather intel and establish a disassociated network of connections.
This falls into the Private Contract Services division, I believe. I’d like to prove the value of this critical role.

Changed name from WELLECH to WELLEN.
Possible to update on Mumble and this Forum?

I am a west coast team leader with Private Contract Services (PCS), please get a hold of me at your earliest convenience. Easiest way to find me is on Discord, but I am also on Mumble.

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Hi Wellen,

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have you with us. That’s awesome you’re looking at private contract or intelligence. Those sound like exciting areas to be in. I’m in fleet security myself. I hope to chat on mumble sometime when we’re on at the same time. All the best to you!

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Hi Wellen,

welcome to ADI, your prefered role is intersting, we need people like you in the org. Information gathering would be an importent role in he future game play



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Wellen - Glad to meet you. If the PU evolves as many expect information will be priceless. Welcome aboard!

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Third name-change. Likely the final change, and am comfortable with it.

Wellech to Vellis

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