Introduction: Weird-y

Hi Everyone,

Weird is the e before the i… call me Weirdy. I’ve been playing games for the best part of 23 years straight after I built my own gaming rig so I didn’t have to be kicked off the parental computer! I’m friends with FatHeadZebra who’s been nudging me to play this for a many months now and I’ve finally decided to give it ago!

I’m a huge fan of RTS and play other things like Arma, R6, Company of Heroes 2, Anno, World of Tanks etc.

I’m UK based, typically on in the evenings on an ad-hoc basis. I’m super friendly and my game style is mixed but I play to win but I’ll also when in a team likely be quite kamikaze to help my team destroy the enemy.

Look forward to this!


Whoop whoop. I knew I’d break you. Hopefully the bugs now won’t do the same :grimacing:


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Lol, Welcome to ADI.

I’m sure You’ll fit right in with us, do jump in on mumble and join in on our shenanigans.

What ship are you currently flying?

And welcome the the Verse.

Welcome, Weird-y! I look forward to seeing you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI @Weird-y! I’m new too! Your “kamikaze” reference caught my attention! I’m all for kamikaze in combat. If you can’t shoot it, ram it! :grin: Anyway, Welcome!

Welcome @Weird-y. You’re in good company, a lot of us come from an RTS background, especially Arma. Lookign forward to playing with you.

Welcome to ADI and the ‘verse @Weird-y! Hope to see you around!

Welcome @Weird-y. A fellow RTS player I see? I have never tried Arma. Got really into star craft and star craft two for a while so I also know the allure of the RTS. Hope you have fun in the verse!

Don’t encourage him. He was trying to fly my MSR last night and he’s always dragging me in to unnecessary wars on games - sometimes I’m not sure wether he’s an ally or enemy especially while playing Stellaris.
But, If you need to know how to bounce a Nomad off of a planet surface while upside down then he may very well be able to reproduce and and explain how it’s done. We’ve all been there :rofl:

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Welcome to ADI Weirdy. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

@Weird-y welcome to ADI!
looking forward to flying with ya! Ill Kamikaze only if im out numbered and out of ammo :wink: pirates will never take me alive.

Welcome to ADI! I’m sure you will fit right in, and it’s nice when you are joining with friends :slight_smile: Hopefully you won’t need to kamikaze anything, but sometimes you don’t have much choice. See you in the verse!