Introduction - WeedWhackerDoodSr


I have applied for membership and just have to complete the MUMBLE task.

I am an older gamer, started in '87 on a 386/16SX and Police Quest. Of course that was not my first electronic game, but PONG was.

From 1990 - 2000 I played just about every action/sim computer game that was made, 20 hours a day or more. It took me over a year to break my addiction, and I have self-imposed limitations now as i cannot sit for that many hours anymore.

I started in SC as an early adopter, banking on Chris Robert’s previous successes that gave me hours of enjoyment.

I am a 12 year US Military Vet, 6 years US Army and 6 years US Air Force, and have worked in cyber/physical security for over 35 years. Spent some time as LEO in Georgia after my military service and migrated towards other similar type of work. Currently working as investigations/cyber/insider threat (and more) for top international organization.

Hope to see y’all in-game soon.



Welcome to ADI. Try not to play too much :wink:

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Thanks Carol.

It’s great when we. Get introductions like this. What are you enjoying in game ATM? Hopefully I’ll see you in mumble over next few days. Welcome to ADI.

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Welcome to ADI @WeedWhackerDoodSr!

Great to see new faces join the Org. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

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Welcome to ADI, @WeedWhackerDoodSr! I remember playing X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and Freelancer back in the day; gave me a lasting appreciation for sci-fi and space sims ever since.

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Those were the start of my space-sim addiction. I still have many of those in the original boxes too!!! One day, i may be rich from my game hoarding.

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Welcome to ADI @WeedWhackerDoodSr. Glad you have found us. Having backed from the early days of SC, what has been your favorite development in the game so far?

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Welcome to ADI, you and I started gaming in the same basic time period, lok forward to meeting you

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Welcome to ADI! You will find we are a welcome home for many veterans, from many countries. With all those games you have played over the years, your learning curve shouldn’t be too steep, but don’t hesitate to ask if you need a hand with anything. See you in the verse!

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@WeedWhackerDoodSr, welcome to ADI! Another OG around. Ever get into MUDs back in the day?

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Great to see more Miltary vets in ADI, welcome!

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Howdy there!

Great to see another Air Force guy, I was a 3P0 from '16-'19 but got the Medboard due to some brain surgery.

Hope to see you around in Mumble soon!

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Thanks for the service and good gaming history there! Welcome to ADI! Also I like to thank early backers for getting things rolling with this whole adventure that is Star Citizen.

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Welcome to ADI. I’m glad you decided to join the Org. And I hope to meet you on mumble soon. Take care.

Hi WeedWhackerDoodSr. My first game system was also Pong and my first DOS PC was a HP 386 I purchased from AAFES while was stationed in the UK. I still can’t believe how much I paid for that computer back then. Welcome aboard! Look forward to flying with you.

Welcome @WeedWhackerDoodSr! Sounds like you have lots of valuable experience that will benefit us all. Be sure to check into fleet security and PSC divisions. Could be right up your alley. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI WeedWhackerDoodSr. I’'m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Welcome to ADI WeedWhackerDoodSr I was at one point interested in cyber security although I didn’t go through with it, I still wish to learn more about it. Hope to se you in the verse.

Ah, er, I have a good excuse… NOPE! Thanks for the reply, 2 years ago… been busy… Getting to it now that I have some time.


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