Good morning/evening, all,

It is great to meet everyone, I was pretty surprised to get an invitation as soon as I purchased the game so that was refreshing to say the least. I occasionally play SWG emu as well as Project1999. I look forward to working with this new community and helping out where I can. I am currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I would prefer to discuss more details of my professional life privately due to opsec concerns. Thank you for considering me, ADI!

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Welcome to ADI, I think you’ll enjoy all the activities and things we do!

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Welcome to ADI Wakichoto. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

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Welcome to ADI. See you in mumble

@Wakichoto Welcome to ADI! The Opsec Concerns are valid! Many of us here at Prior Service, from the bottom of the food chain all the way up to big brass. Had a Buddy stationed there awhile back; myself stationed in Germany for 5yrs roughly!
Looking to seeing ya in the 'verse and confuse 'em civis with military lingo ahaha :smiley:

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Welcome to ADI @Wakichoto! Glad you decided to join with us! Look forward to seeing you in ops and on mumble, but since we are in very different times zones I hope it is at a good time for you and not some crazed all nighter!

Thank you for your service, I was stationed (many years ago) at Yokota. ADI is jam-packed with vets, so you’ll feel right at home here. See you in the 'verse

We look forward to having you Wakichoto. We are a very friendly and helpful Org, however we are all usually co-existing in a server and ready to help when the time comes!

Welcome to ADI! With all the vets in here, you are among friends. And we all get opsec, so no worries about not passing on what you are doing. I hope you are getting some time to actually see Japan while you are posted there, take advantage of it :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

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