Introduction Volv0


My name is Volv0 i’m 22 and a returning player to the game after some time.
I like group events and also solo chill. Prior experience with other games are mostly FPS games like CSGO, Minecraft, Warframe. I also do programming in my free time (C++) and also do music sometimes.
Can’t wait to have good times with you all <3

Welcome in @Volv0! Glad to have you in ADI! I definitely played a lot of Minecraft in the past and still enjoy building. Some of the mini-games are fun too. I know I spent way too much time on Hypixel. Hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI Volvo!

Welcome again, Volv0, to ADI! It was great meeting you for onboarding. Best way to get established is just to hang out in Discord when you have time and jump into the conversations. There is usually a group or two in an impromptu gaming session, along with the org scheduled events on the calendar. Always feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Hello Volv0 and welcome aboard! See you in space bud o7

Hey Volv0! Welcome to ADI!! We are happy to have you here!

Welcome in to the Org. if ever there was a time to dive into more social and involved multiplayer, it’s certainly now. See you out there!

Welcome to ADI Volv0; and welcome back to the Verse!

Welcome Volv0, what kind of music do you make? I myself play guitar but mainly metal. If you are interested in finding events or nightly activities to do with others, hop into chatting in discord lots of things going on.