Introduction - Vazarus


Hello everyone!

The name’s Vazarus. I’ve been in the 'Verse since December 2015. I was drawn to the org from the youtube video. Reminds me a lot of my time with the player organization eve university in the game eve online. I’m getting quite tired of flying solo in the 'verse so hopefully this is a chance to have some fun and exciting squadron based gameplay.

Possible Career Interest

  • Fleet Security
  • Mission Support Services

Fleet Composition

  • Aurora ML -> Avenger Titan [Start Package 6 month insurance]
  • Reliant Kore [LTI]
  • Retaliator Base [LTI]


Welcome Vazarus, welcome to ADI, we are always happy to have new Fleet security. we hope to see you around in the verse to do some fun missions.


Welcome to the org, Vazarus! That retaliator is a heck of a ship, can’t wait to see it in action!


Welcome to ADI Vazarus :slight_smile:

Sorry for the hold up in onboarding but we got you sorted out.

Can’t wait to fly with you.

See you in the Verse!


Welcome to the crew Vazarus! Glad to see another support member!


Welcome to ADI Vazarus glad to hear you’re looking for wingmen since we’ve a plethora of different ships and pilots in all time zones! Look forward to seeing you around :slight_smile:


welcome Vazarus Glad to have you on board with us. Your never alone when your in ADI theres always someone around that you can join in with we take team work very seriously and are allways willing to help out


Vazarus, welcome to ADI! That’s a good assortment of ships! Multiple roles filled there.


I’m the same as you - I got tired of flying solo and joined ADI - haven’t regretted it at all. There’s almost someone to fly with at any time!


Welcome to ADI, Vazarus. We’ve got a lot to offer if you’re looking for organized gameplay or just need someone to fly with. Let us know if you have any questions. See you in the 'Verse!


Hello Vazarus =D glad to have you wish us, i see you in the verse


Welcome Vazarus. You’ll never fly alone again I promise.


Hey, Vazarus! Glad I got to help you out with getting set up. Thanks for being a good sport about some technical hickups. Looking forward to seeing you involved in planned and spontaneous org operations.