Hi everyone,

After I started playing SC about a month ago, I decided to take the jump and join Atlas.

Having little actual gaming experience, the whole SC gameplay blew me away. I have tried to get around as many different gameplay experiences as possible. However on my Aurora as a starter ship, you are obviously a little limited.

The recent Free flight event has given me the opportunity to try some new things. With my main preferences currently Cargo hauling and Mining. Having just bought my own prospector, it has certainly been addictive! Currently just playing on keyboard, which meant my bounty hunting experience hasn’t been the greatest. Although, maybe I just need to practice some more!! I really did enjoy the FPS missions though, however the crashes and bugs sometimes do get a little frustrating.

Working in aviation in real life, meant I have always had a soft spot for space (exploration) and so far SC has ticked a lot of boxes. Working weird times means I’m often around at weird times locally, however having a global community I would imagine that’s not really a problem!

Looking forward to get to know more of you!


Hey unXpected, welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to seeing you around the ‘verse!

Great intro, Welcome to ADI

Welcome aboard! Great intro post! Glad to hear free flight brought in another member. Hope to meet you in Mumble soon!

Welcome unXpected, spot on with weird times - there tends to always be someone available on Mumbe or Discord. Glad to have you.