Introduction - TurtleWeeb

Hello Fellow citizens,

I have been following StarCitizen for quite a while now,
and have recently just purchased it.
I got the invite come through about ADI, and i thought what better way to learn than with a sound minded group of people who are experienced.
Ideally i would love to get into Mining & Salvage side but its nice to see it all.

Welcome to the org, Turtle! I’ll be looking for you in the verse. You can definitely get some mining experience under your belt because that game mechanic has been implemented already. We have to wait longer for salvage, unfortunately. Do you have a mining ship?


I dont currently, I was hoping to do a few more missions and hopefully earn one so i can join that divison.

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Welcome to ADI and the 'verse Turtle.
Which starter ship did you pick when you bought SC?

Pretty sure i went with the Aurora, and greetings :slight_smile:

Although when i went to grab my ship their was some sort of freigtht one in there too ? not sure if im suppose to have two ?

Welcome, I’m so excited to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you, and hope to fly with you soon. You will find that anyone here will be willing to help you learn or answer any questions. See you in the verse! :smiley:

Thank you! I look forwward to getting to meet you as well and flying with a few people,
I have already made a rookie mistake i forgot to refuel on quantam fuel before doing a drop off mission and now im stuck lol.

Welcome to ADI Turtle! The Aurora does have cargo capacity, so that sounds about right. Regarding to ships. If you want to try the mining, just ask around for one with a mining ship, and someone will loan you one. Although you will not be able to sell the minerals, as you do not own the ship, you can get to learn the mechanics.

Thats pretty cool, thank you for the info.

So i can loan one off someone and kind of learn the basics and essentially pay them with the minerals i collect for the rental experience ?

Welcome to ADI! You’re in the right place. We also have a lot of fun! Hope to see you around soon!

Correct. Some people also run the Multicrew mining ship, can’t remember what it’s called. So you can join someone and mine together.

Welcome aboard Turtle! Glad to have you here at ADI and SC! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse!

Could that be the Freelancer? That’s a freebie for everyone right now because of some bug.

welcome to the house of fun southerner from another mother

Yeah im pretty sure it is the Freelancer, havent tried it yet bit to big for me haha

Thank you very much! nice to be her for sure :smiley:

I’d definitely give it a go, it’s a very nice ship. Especially if you only have a Mustang or an Aurora, the Freelancer has a lot more in terms of everything ships have to offer.

Welcome to ADI TurtleWeeb. I’m glad you joined the team. You’ll have lots of company in Mining & Salvage.

Welcome aboard, look forward to mining/flying with you in the future. Several people have moles and take on crews, multicrew is where its at.

Welcome to ADI, glad to have ya! Adi has a lot to offer and plenty of organized operations and friendly folk! Any questions just ask!