Introduction - Turray

Hello everyone and thanks for having me in the org.
I have a long history of playing flight and space games, including e.g. Flight Simulators, Elite Dangerous, Space Engineers and holding the position of Director of the Research and Construction department of the then-largest organization in Dual Universe.
I started with Star Citizen back in 2016, but for content and performance reasons I forgot about it. After playing Starfield in the last couple of days, I gave it another try and I’m having a blast. So far I’m still traveling around with only an Aurora LN, doing contracts, but I hope to get my hands on some better stuff soon™ and improve my abilities in the game.
I’m looking forward playing with you and seeing you in the verse.

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Hey @Turray welcome to ADI. Excited to have you with us here in the organization. To get you going we will need to get you through the onboarding process. So for that you can visit this link: Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries | Atlas Defense Industries . It will the steps to join our Mumble. Once you are in thee lobby someone will come in there and get the onboarding process going. If I am around I will be more then happy to help you out.

Hope to see you soon!


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Hello @Turray and welcome to ADI! You’ll find ADI to be a great place to get up to speed with the developments that have happened over the last few years - and there have been a ton!

Connect to the “Chatting” channel on Mumble and the “org_chat” channel on Discord when you are able - you’ll get a lot of useful information and start getting the benefits of being an ADI member quickly.

Hope to see you soon!

Welcome to ADI! Glad you’ve checked the game out again, and we’re happy you’re here!

Welcome aboard and we’re glad to have you here! Also a long time Elite player, SC definitely ups the game with all the features. Look forward to meeting in the 'verse! We can do some contracts together, hit me up!

always happy to see a new face, hop on mumble and wed love to help you out and get you running well.

Welcome to ADI @Turray !!! If you ever want to get into cargo running hit me up on discord or mumble! See you in the verse!!!

Excellent, great to have you with us @Turray! Hope to meet you in there soon, and maybe fly together too. :smile:

Howdy and look forward to having you with us and seeing you in the verse!

welcome to ADI @Turray ! hope to see ya in the verse! any questions feel free to ask. alot of us will be on tonight your more than welcome to come explore!