Introduction Traveller1989

Hi there,

My name is Bartek and i wish to take part in ADI organisation. I’m willing to take effort in defending our goods by fighting on a big freighters operating cannon, protecting cargos by taking a role of a wingman protecting deliveries. I’m mostly interested in as much exploration as i possible, i want so see the universe, while i can take some fights making our organisation safe. Be it on foot or as mentioned before. I could also take some bounty hunting if possible.


Welcome, thanks for the Intro

Welcome to ADI. Glade to have you with us and I hope to see you in the verse.

Always looking forward to more explorers here! Welcome!

Barrel, welcome to ADI. You have made a great choice of where to call home in the verse. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome aboard. Good to have you with us. There’s no shortage of opportunities for crew spots and wingman duties as the game continues to get fleshed out.

Welcome to the ADI Portal Bartek! Hope to see you soon in our ranks! If you need help with membership, please ask it here.

Welcome Bartek! Do you prefer being addressed as Traveller or Bartek? Either way welcome to Atlas Defense Industries and as always we encourage new arrivals to ask questions and for backup when they need :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard ADI Traveller1989, if you’re looking for an action-oriented Org for fleet protection and bounty hunting you’ve found it! Take the time to “Follow” our members in Spectrum so you can see us in 'Verse and can get in on the bounty and wingman action we do pretty regularly - bounty hunting is one of my main professions presently as well when I’m not flying cover for cargo and personnel. See you in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI! If you have any questions about the org feel free to ask! We’ll be happy to answer them. See you around the verse!

Welcome Bartek, pleasure to have you on board, im sure we will use your skills defending out precious cargo hauls. Look forward to seeing you out there.

Welcome to ADI Traveller. I’m glad you chose to join the team. I look forward to playing with you.

Hey Traveller and welcome to ADI! Let get that onboarding finished and make you a member! We have a lot to offer you and let us know if you have any questions! See you in game!

Traveller, the name reminds me on those awesome Pen and Paper Sci Fi-RPG in the 1980. It was an awesome time somehow. Men, I start to get melancholic *chuckles.

Anyway, welcome here at ADI and have a good time.

welcome Traveller1989, what a fantastic program that was on Netflix. Glad to have you here as i can already see we have something in common. Fighters are always a boon to any operation and your welcome to join me on a cargo run any time =).

I see that you are NOW a member Bartek, Welcome Aboard and I hope you find ADI to be a great SC home like the rest of us! Make sure to check the calendar and forums regularly for events.

Welcome Bartek to ADI, I see you in the verse

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