Introduction - Tovak

Hello Everyone,

My name is Tovak. Thank you for letting me be a part of this community. I am new to Star Citizen, but I love the game so far. I’m inerested in ADI security, mining, and exploration. See you out there!


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Welcome to ADI we where all new at some point jump in and we will help out whenever we can see you in the verse.

Howdy! Welcome to the org, we are happy to have you a part of our team! Looking forward to flying with ya on the 'Verse side.

Welcome @Tovak !

This is a great org to be apart of. If you have any questions let me know. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI, @Tovak! I’m sure many people here would be happy to show you the ropes; just ask! I’m also happy to see another addition to the Fleet Security division who is also interested in exploration; hope to be able to fly with you someday!

Hi Tovak, welcome to ADI and fleet security!

HI Tovak Welcome to ADI, I love mining also and it makes decent credits especially with the ROC. Looking forward to meeting you

Welcome to ADI, Tovak. There’s plenty to do in the Org. I joined wanting to do exploration and trade. But now I’m leaning more towards fleet security and bounty hunting. Trading and mining still pay the bills though. I hope to see you in the verse.

Hi @Tovak,

Welcome to ADI,

You have definitely come to the right place when it comes to exploring those game loops. We have a lot of experienced pilots in ADI when it comes to those categories of game play. Just hop on mumble and play with us, don’t be afraid to ask questions and you’ll get up to speed in no time.

Welcome to ADI! Glad you are loving everything so far, and it’s only going to get better as time goes on :slight_smile: Try and sign up for some org ops when you can, they are super fun and a great way to both learn the mechanics and pick up tips and tricks, as well as to meet many of us. See you in the verse!

Hey @Tovak,

Welcome not only to Star Citizen, but ADI! So much to do, and feel free to ask questions, someone usually always has the answer. A group of us also regularly go mining, your welcome to join us.

Hi Tovak, Glad you picked us. Everyone here is willing to help if you have any questions. Welcome on board and see you in the verse.

Welcome @Tovak !

Glad to have you onboard. This is a great Org to learn in. If you have any questions let us know. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI Tovak. I’m glad you joined the team. We’ve got allot of dedicated miners here, it’ll be easy to find them.

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