Introduction - Toebs

Hey everyone,

Relatively new to Star Citizen but certainly an ol’ dog. Been gaming for a while and I’m really enjoying this so far. So… I’m married with kids. They are pretty much moved out and on their own so I’ll need something to pass the time. This is it! Looking forward to having some fun and meeting some new folks.



Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen, Toebs!

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI Toebs. I"m glad you joined the team. I look forward to mining with you.

Welcome Toebs, our adventure continues!

Welcome to ADI! I hope you will enjoy you time with us and I hope to see you in the verse =)

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Toebs…What is time ? Welcome to ADI , The place where time is non existent! If you need anything feel free to shoot me a message! See you around the Verse!

Toebs, you have found a good home in ADI. This is a great group of people. There is plenty of things to relax and enjoy. I look forward to enjoying the verse with you.

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to this.

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Always great to meet a fellow long-time gamer. I still have a working original Atari 2600. Hope to “pass the time” with you on a few missions around the 'verse!

Welcome to ADI Toebs! What ship did you pick out for your starter?

Hey AnxietyBytes,

I have an Avenger Stalker. Looking to upgrade though. Love the ship but I think I need a fighter after last nights Jumptown run. :slight_smile:

How about you?

Welcome to ADI, Toebs!

I am running a Banu MM and Cutlass Black. The Banu MM is still in concept so it is currently a Herc C2. Looking for a light/heavy fighter myself.

Hope to see you on the next Op.

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