Introduction: TheHandyMuel / Shawnmueller

Hi Everyone! Mainly interested in playing Ark and some StarCitizen with everyone, but admittedly pretty green when it comes to StarCitizen. In real life, I’m 27 years old, married, gay, with adorable rescue animals. I’m just starting to stream @ (Feel free to stop by!) Otherwise, looking forward to playing with everyone and getting to know more people :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the ORG,
Hope you enjoy your time with us.
We post operations in ot forums so keep an eye out :slight_smile:

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Hello hello. Welcome!

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Good luck with the streaming!

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Thank you!

Hey @TheHandyMuel,

Welcome to the org, I also have one rescue animal at home :slight_smile:
Just gave you a follow on twitch, hope to fly with you soon and see you on twitch.

Merry Christmas

Welcome to the Org,

Looking forward to see some of your stream! Hope to chat on mumble when I don’t have technical difficulties. :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI TheHandyMuel. You joined an excellent orgainization. I look forward to playing with you.

@TheHandyMuel Welcome to ADI. I just hit the follow button on your twitch. I will check it out next time I see you streaming. There is is a good amount of people in ADI that play Ark, I may have to try it again. First tried it on a console and was single player so I lost interest. As for Star Citizen, get into mumble and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Welcome to the best Org in Star Citizen! glad to have you in ADI, Muel!

Welcome HandyMuel. Glad you joined us. Discord and Mumble are a great way to ask questions and join other players. SC takes time to learn how to play. I started by doing delivery missions to learn how to fly and see the different locations in the Stanton system. Fly safe and I hope to meet you in mumble or an Org operation.

Yeah!!! Another ARK player :smiley: Love that game. And SC ofcourse xD You play official servers or private server? Curious because though I love ARK, IMO I would not be able to play that game on official.