Introduction: Stumme

Hi all, I’m a prospective member! I go by Stumme on Star Citizen (to my complete shock and total surprise, my usual online handle ‘Seven’ was taken), and I’ve been following Star Citizen since the first Kickstarter. I come from a lot of milsim gaming (Arma 3, Arma 2, the original Arma/OFP, and other realistic shooters), but play just about any game under the sun when I get the time. I’m prior-US Army, and always enjoy structure and organization in my gaming experiences, so this place looked like the perfect home for me.

As for Star Citizen itself, I enjoy almost all of the gameplay loops introduced so far, but mostly I’m big into bounty hunting, tactical FPS combat, and multi-crew gameplay. Get me on board a ship with a group of people and I don’t even care if we just sit in the mess, drink CRUZ, and talk crap the whole time! One of my favorite activities to do in the game is to load my Connie up with an Ursa rover, some gear, and just explore planets and run the different missions SC has to offer. I own an MSR, Retaliator, Connie, Super Hornet, and the Galaxy.

Hey @Stumme, welcome to ADI! It sounds like you’re going to love it here, and you can come hang out in my ship’s mess any day! lol If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out - and hope to see you in Mumble and the verse soon!


Appreciate you letting me stumble through my first on-boarding :slight_smile:

Also prior army here and seeing how similar this org is to the military also drove me towards it.

Looking forward to going out on missions with you.

Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to ADI Stumme, and thank you for your service. I look forward to seeing you in ADI org ops. M

Welcome to ADI O7
The verse may not have a lot yet to explore but soon enough you’ll have an entire verse to explore and you fo8und a great group to venture out with. Hope to see ya out there.

Glad to have you on board. Groups run stuff all the time so don’t be shy and ask to join in whenever you feel like it, the verse is better with friends.

Greetings @Stumme,

Welcome to ADI! I also like to drink CRUS and banter, looking forward to seeing you in the verse!


Welcome to ADI @Stumme
I have played over 2000 hours in ARMA 3 over the past years and used to love the milsim aspect with Invade and Annex Servers. Great to see you jumping into Star Citizen and hope to see you in the verse!

Welcome aboard! Maybe we can team up and do some FPS soon! See you out in the Verse!

Hey Apollo, was great meeting you! Despite some hiccups with the systems you made me feel really at ease and welcome, definitely gave me a good first impression. Hope we can get together out in the ‘verse and fly together some time.

And thanks everyone for the warm welcome. Looking forward to playing with everyone! You all seem like a great group of people and I can’t wait to jump into the game with this org.

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Welcome to ADI, @Stumme and based on what you enjoy I’m sure you found a great ORG for you!! Hope into Mumble and join a random group there is always something going on. Hope to see you in the verse and If you have any questions feel free to reach out!!

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to seeing you in the verse and running with you. Exploration has slowly become one of my favorite time users. Look forward to playing with you, see you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you. Great bunch of people here. I need to do more of the bounty hunting myself and get better at the FPS side of things. If you ever want to explore let me know, im always willing to just fly around and see what we stumble across.

Hi Stumme, welcome to ADI! I am right there with you when it comes to loving the random things that happen when you go off the beaten path on the planets and moons of the verse. Happy exploring as you get your feet wet with ADI :wink:

Welcome aboard! I am with you when it comes to the organization and structure we have in our Org. This is by far the best “guild” I have ever played with in any game. You will feel right at home I am sure. I look forward to seeing you in the Verse!