Introduction: Stargerius

Good Day, All.

I’m Stargerius (Star) - I’ve been playing (inconsistently, but more often as of late) SC for about 8 years.

I do a little bit of everything -

  • Ship - ship combat
  • Salvaging
  • FPS (bunker missions)

I’m interested in all aspects of the game, but the loop I’m really building my fleet for is Exploration. I have quite a few ships already, and if there’s something someone wants to borrow or needs help with, don’t be shy - be happy to do what I can. Even if its just canon fodder.

Welcome to ADI Stargerius. I look forward to seeing you in ADI’s org ops.

Hey there Stargerius, welcome to the ADI forums. Hope to see you in game soon, and hopefully we get some exploration game play going soon.

Welcome to ADI Star! I’m excited for exploration too, but for now mostly mine and salvage. Hope to see you in Mumble and the verse soon!

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Welcome to ADI @Stargerius
I myself have been with SC since 2016 and watching it see where we are now is incredible.
It can only go onwards and upwards, see you in the verse!

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Welcome aboard, @Stargerius !

Just 2-cents :
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


Thank you all for the very warm welcome! I’m excited to be a contributing member of the group.

I’d also like to announce my callsign: Bait. :slight_smile:

(I have a twisted sense of humour)

o7 Stargerius! Happy to have you with us :blush: With exploration as one of your passions I can invision a discovered Stargerius Cluster being added by CIG someday. Great name!

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Welcome to ADI! Hope we can group up and explore the Verse together some time!

Welcome to ADI. Look forward to seeing you in the verse and hop you like out organization! people are always on and constant events help keep you involved in star citizen i found anyways. Again, Welcome!

Welcome to ADI O7
It was good talking with you and have a good feeling you’ll find lots of things to join in on.


Enjoyed talking with you in Mumble yesterday, looking forward to playing some missions with you in the verse.

Welcome aboard

Greetings @Stargerius ,

Welcome to ADI! Glad to have your diverse skill set on the team. Looking forward to hearing about your exploration escapades.


Welcome to the Org
You already know me but if there is anything you need from us, let us know.
I’m looking forward to playing with you.

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Hello @Stargerius and welcome to ADI, from what it seems, it looks like you found a great org for you and there is always something going on in mumble, hop in sometime. Hope to see you in the verse!!

Welcome to ADI, Hope to see you in game soon and do some game play in a group with you. If you need and help with anything just ask.

Welcome to ADI, Lovely to have ya join!

Welcome aboard,

Look forward to running some missions together.

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI! Look forward to playing with you!