Star citizen wanna-be, pledged many years ago on strength of CR previous games and rep., haven’t played yet but intend to now that Alpha playable.

Any ADI specific guides for gameplay newoobies?



Welcome to ADI, @StainlesSteelRatter ! Be sure to check out for org-created courses on basic gameplay.

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Yes thanks @Thaeus , tried the link but got error

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

No Sweat; I assume that things are quiet at the moment, the season being what it is , and that this will be sorted in due course when tech type people return.

Ah, right, you’ll get access to that page when you’re fully onboarded. Sorry!

np @Thaeus

It has come a long way from when I began. There was just Crusader, Port Olisar and one planet if memory serves me correctly when I pledged. I was looking for a group of people that were like minded and I could trust. I’m glad you found them too. Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI StainlessSteelRatter. I’m glad you joined the team. Once you’re onboarded, you’ll be able to see the Self-Certifications available to you as well as have access to the Ops and live training opportunities advertised on our calendar. I look forward to your learning about mining in SC from ADI’s Mining & Salvage division.

Hi Stainless,
Welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying?

Love the handle! I read all the Stainless Steel Rat series back when…
I take it you plan to be a bounty hunter?

Welcome to ADI StainlesSteelRatter! Glad to have you with us! There’s a wealth of knowledge to be had with ADI, the self certs previously linked are a great place to start, but join us in mumble anytime, we’re all happy to help!

Yes, thanks all.
E76 yes, likewise. I think it was about 2014 I first pledged
Mesachie mining? well if it gets me credits fast, and particulary if we can protect ourselves in difficult areas.
@FatHeadedZebra , I have an aries ion or some such in the shed but haven’t taken it for a spin yet.
@motomataru , oh yeah harry Harrison “The Stainless Steel rat saves the world” etc. I think more an explorer/protector and undercover good guy. However I would like to participate in fleet and group actions as these develop.
AB yeah I will but I need to be onboarded first and that will have to wait until holiday season is over I think.


Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! Hope to see you around the 'verse!

@StainlesSteelRatter I see, no worries. ADI’s holiday break is over now, jump into the Mumble lobby and a Team Leader or Prospect should come greet you. I’ll be hanging around this evening around 18:00 CST and can onboard you then if you wish.

Hi Stainless! Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen!

Welcome to ADI , there is a wealth of knowledge in the forums ! If you don’t see something (which i’m almost positive its been covered somewhere) shoot me a message ill gladly lend a hand for “science”.

See you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI, StainlessSteelRatter!

I love the Ares Ion. It is a great fighter. I hope they don’t change too much on it. The missile payload is quite amazing.

I hope to see you in the next Op.

Yeah, well at the moment my old gaming ASUS (2017) just doesn’t cut it, couldn’t even get outa my in game room, LOL.
I will have to invest in a new one I fear.

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You’ll be more than Welcome back once you’ve upgraded.

do you know what kind of graphics card/cpu you have? you may be able to tweak something to get it to function.

Thank you @dr_spinaltap , but I already got the bad news about its ability, or otherwise , to cope on even the lowest settings from someone of authority in these matters but that is very kind of you and the sort of support I would look for in a good clan…
Anyway, got shedloads of real world work to do anyhow.

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