Introduction: Spacegolemm

Hi you can call me space Im pretty much space freak and not afraid of long trips. If star citizen had same sized universe as Elite dangerous i would have travelled to beagle point multiple times and gathered over thousands of lightyears travelled. Spacemadness is one of side effects i suffer <.<

Hey. Welcome to ADI! Onboarding you now.

Welcome to Atlas Defense Industries spacegolemm!

Hi Spacegolemm,

A golem! So your brain works better when its cold. Space is cold! Very conveniant :slight_smile:

Welcome to the org!

Bye changenl

Welcome Spacegolemm,

good to have you here. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Ush rha Khal

Welcome to ADI Spacegolemm this will be a game full of places to explore and travel to when it is done. you will be very busy and never get bored.