Introduction sl01/Nivlum

Hi Guys

I’m sl01 from Switzerland, German speaking part. Experienced MSFS pilot having fun in directing big and small ships through terrestrial atmospheres and space. I also play some FPS shooters and RPG’S from time to time.

A big fun for me is to fly around in big spaceships just enjoying the view. So, if you need someone for the “boring” fly around in the verse, just give me a call. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Having a Warthog A10 HOTAS setup, I’m in for any job that includes flying a big ship through small gaps, a small fighter close to target or cargo hauler, miner or whatever, wherever you need it. I haven’t played a lot of war flight simulators recently but would love to get more experience on that topic.

Started backing SC in 2015 and recently got me a small personal armada consisting of a 325a, an Aegis Avenger Stalker, a Cutlass Black and a Dragonfly.

Right now, it’s too early for me to make a final decision for a certain division in ADI. The verse is evolving so fast, when I join the game nowadays, I usually just run around and am amazed of what I see.

I’m in the early 30’s. So, career, job, hobbies and all the other real live things are extremely important to me. Reading your statement that real life comes first, combined with a game style I might like very much, is why I’m applying now for membership. Looking forward to get to know you guys better! :smiley:

One question ahead (I hope it’s ok to post this right here, if not, please tell me where it’s more appropriate). Are there a lot of Europeans in the org? Do they maybe even have special events fitted for the EU time zone since the time difference between EU and the US is quite big? Just stating this because it’s said, that the calendar is in Chicago time zone. :sweat_smile:


Welcome sl01!! There are quite a few European folks in the org, though I don’t know exactly how many. Look forward to seeing you in the verse!

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Hi sl01 and welcome to ADI!

Seems like you have everything setup for an awesome experience for when SC is completely finished!

Also what an awesome fleet you own, from that list I previously owned the Avenger Titan (very very good ship) and I do own a Cutlass Black which I absolutely adore.

There are European members in the org and most if not all special events are organised so it comfortable for most members, after all, the more people the better :slight_smile:

Hope to talk to you on Mumble and see in the Verse :slight_smile:


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Greetings from Austria, neighbour and welcome to ADI! As Tr0phy already said: The events are usually scheduled so that most players can take part in the action.
Looking forward to flying with you!

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Hi @Nivlum,

Welcome to the org, I am from Croatia and also like to enjoy just flying around, hit me up anytime if you want to fly together.


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Hey @Nivlum, welcome to ADI. I haven’t taken the time yet to just fly around and do some sightseeing, but I would love to do so. Hope to get the opportunity to fly with you soon. See you in the verse!

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Welcome to the ORG,
Glad to have you aboard.
Keep an eye on the forums as we post our certs and ops there.
there plenty of people around any time of day so dont be shy and join in.

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@Nivlum glad to have you aboard ADI. We have a good amount of members all over the world to include team leaders in just about every division that are EU based. I share your love for flying big ships through small gaps, Like to drift my freelancer through the rings on Port O. Along those same lines I enjoy flying just about anything, big or small as close to terrain as possible. Getting to know the flight characteristics of each ship is one thing that is very enjoyable to me in this game. See you in the Verse.

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Welcome to ADI Sl01. You’ve got a nice fleet. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you.

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Whaaaaaaa, now that is an introduction :smiley: I too do enjoy just hanging around in space in SC, most of the time literally, in EVA xD I love the feeling standing on the landing pads of PO and just look up in space. In SC space looks so extremely vast and infinite. No other game, not even EVE or E:D, gives you that feeling of…wow… :open_mouth: , you know? I even get the jitteres when standing on the edge of the pad andlook over it into even more space…uhm…ness, even getting a kick out of taking the step off the edge before obviously just floating along xD And then slowly drifting around while looking at PO, Crusader, ships taking off or landing, etc. Part of why it works so well is probably because of the great sound design, simulating the suit and the vacuum of space perfectly.

Nice set of ships too, by the way. I think the cutlass and avenger are some of the, if not THE, best bang for buck in the pledge store. Joined the org for the same reasons you did. O and by the way, European reporting in :wink:

@Hollow1461 I love to see you drift your freelancer through those rings when I get back to my PC in a month :wink: Do you use Eurobeat while drifting? :smiley:

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Welcome, sl01, glad to have you aboard! If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

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Welcome to ADI @Nivlum

I am also european, there seems to be a few of us we just need to get a bit more activity in during daytime EU timesones.

What FPS games are you into?

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome! :smiley: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Really looks like there are quite some Europeans around. I’m looking very much forward to meeting you guys in the verse - wherever you come from. :smiley:

To answer @mario-milanista 's question: Aside from various (flight) simulation games I just recently rediscovered Fallout 4 and started with Far Cry New Dawn. In recent times I played Mass Effect Andromeda (love the whole series!), played Star Wars Battlefront, other Battlefield titles, tried Counter Strike (15 years ago and just recently again), love the Halo series, played Wolfenstein, and love the assassin’s creed series. To sum up, when I’m playing FPS or RPGs, I’m a bit more in for experiencing a good story, rather than playing “the skills game” which Battlefront Counter Strike and all those titles focus on. :blush:

Great to have you!

Very excited to see your impressive flight experience, sounds like a colorful resume. You’re gaming dossier is also very appealing, I love finding people who stuck with Battlefront now that it’s a solid title. Can’t wait to run into you on mumble!

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Hi sl01/Nivlum welcome to the best ORG ADI
Life come first and then SC thats what get me too, to this ORG.
I am from EU too and time is erelevant cos you will have allways some one to play with you bro…
See you around …

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