Introduction: Skorpion_64

Hello all. Not new to gaming, but VERY new to SC.

Just finished the tutorial today.

I have read the ADI page about your expectations on not being jerks, etc…

After reading all of the different positions available, I am still not sure which direction I wish to go, but I do look forward to doing what is helpful to the team(s).

You can expect a mature, no drama experience from me. With the training and certifications you speak of in the intro, I expect to be grouping with many of you very soon

I play in the US-EAST time zone and can be seen online during the day sometimes (depending on work) and mostly nights and weekends. My wife is a flight attendant so when she is home, I am usually (not always) offline, and spending time with her.


Welcome to ADI AND the 'verse! It sound like you have done your research on our org in the short time you have been aware of us.

Glad to be onboarding you and look forward to playing in the 'verse with ya in the future.

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Welcome aboard, @Skorpion_64 !

Just some day 1 advice:
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


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I’ll keep it in mind

Welcome to ADI @Skorpion_64 ! If ever you want to get into cargo hauling hit me up when I’m on the mumble and discord! Glad to have you with us and see you in the verse!!!

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Welcome to ADI. You may have already figured out that most of us are adults and act accordingly. Many of us are prior military so we have the advantage of being well diciplined and able instructors in our chosen divisons. I dont think that you have anything to be concerned about. I hope you enjoy your time with us in the verse

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It’s fantastic to see your enthusiasm for joining the Star Citizen community with a positive and team-oriented mindset. Completing the tutorial is a great start – you’re already on your way! Your commitment to a mature and drama-free experience is truly appreciated, and it sounds like you’re ready to contribute effectively to the team.

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Welcome aboard ADI! Looking forward to seeing you in the verse sometime soon!

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Sounds great! I’m in EST as well, and I try to do a little bit of everything. I’m always happy to help out, especially if you’re interested in making some money from mining or salvaging. Just let me know!

Howdy and welcome to ADI, @Skorpion_64 ! Super helpful bunch of players here to get your game on with and help accelerate learning your way around Star Citizen. Hope to see you soon.

Howdy Skorpion, glad to have you aboard the ADI family and look forward too seeing you in game. Good luck and have fun!

Welcome to the team! I’m also on EST, and do a bit of everything.


Welcome, Skorpion! If you have any questions feel free to reach out! See you in the 'verse.