Introduction: Sid_Williams

I go by Sid in most instances. Some know me as SenselessTexan on Twitch. I am a lover of games. Have been playing SC since May during Invictus. I am new to PC gaming literally only about a year. Was a console gamer before I came over to the Dark Side. SC is literally the game I have always wanted to play. I enjoy solo play and playing with others. I was in an ORG but now they have become inactive 99% of the time and I am left to myself. Recently Dorathaadestroya (The mining Queen) recommended that I join ADI. So here I am. (P.S. hopefully I did this right FORUMS are not my normal bit)


Welcome… we just need you to join our mumble server and get you onboarded!!

Great to have you aboard

Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI! This is a great org to be apart of. I feel the same about SC being the game I’ve always wanted, luckily I’ll be able to wait for it, for most of my life! lol

See you in the verse,


Welcome! So far whats your favorite ship?

Welcome Sid. Hope to see you in verse and I am happy to help with anything you need

My absolute favorite ship in the game is the Pirate Gladius, which is what I normally fly to track down the evil scum of the verse

Nice! I love the MSR and the Sabre Comet…

I have the MSR as well

It was good talking with you the other night I look forward to playing with you in the future

Welcome to ADI, Sid_Williams. See you in game.