Introduction SgtQuentin

Hello everyone,

I´m SgtQuentin, I´m 41 and live in Portugal, started playing star citizen a couple weeks ago and this game is all i ever wanted in a space game /MMO.
Im here to learn and grow, and when time comes to help others an the organization.
I’ve started with my lovelly Nomad and that reflects pretty much how I like to play, wander through the galaxy , alone or with friends (it´s always better with friends ), and explore.
I like to try every aspect of the game so i´ve bougth a ROC to test mining, and a 325a as a small fighter , and im currently working my way up to a MSR.

hope to fly wit you all and make new friends.

best regards

Welcome to ADI SgtQuentin! Everything in SC is better with friends. I hope to see you in game soon!

Welcome to ADI SgtQuentin. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in Mining & Salvage’s weekly mining ops.

thank you for accepting me.
also looking forward to meet you all in the verse.


Hello and welcome to ADI and congrats on starting with Nomad! Its a solid starter ship to get abit of everything. Feel free to ask around if you need help or have questions as this Org’s great for helping new arrivals to teaching new skills to returning pilots. Look forward to seeing ya round the 'Verse.

Hello and welcome to ADI

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! You’ve come to the right org to “learn and grow”. Check out the org ops and trainings that are posted on the Calendar. They are a great way to meet new folks and learn just about anything. Hope to see you around the 'verse!

Hello SgtQuentin and welcome to ADI! The nomad does look like a good starter ship. Flying around with friends is something I’ve always wanted as well and think you have found a good home for doing that. I look forward to flying with you soon.

Thank you all for the kind words, really happy to be onboard.

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