Introduction Scragg

Hey there! Greetings from Canada!

New to Star Citizen. Not new to gaming. Been on a hiatus from PC gaming for the last six years due to my previous rig not being able to run anything substantial. Been playing Halo on the Xbox to pass the time until now.

I am still trying to learn this game and where I will fit in, however I feel like I may have an interest in Fleet Security - though that may be because I work a similar job in my personal life. Leaves me working odd & inconsistent hours, and now that the winter is coming, I’m going to have more time to game. Especially since I’ll have to put the motorbike away… :boohoo:

I’m hoping to have some serious fun; more emphasis on the serious. Hopefully that is where the fun will come from.

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Welcome Scraggs!

Glad to have you here in ADI and as always ask questions about Star Citizen or for backup here in the forums, or in discord and the mumble servers!

Welcome to ADI Scraggs. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI Scraggarax, we are glad to have you with us. Questions are welcome, Comedy is expected. You’ll always find folks on discord & mumble so jump in. You say your a moto rider… Street? Offroad or CrossUtility? I’m a Busa rat myself. Always glad to see another rider among the membership.

Cross Utility, I have the weird looking Versys Mk1. I do a lot of distance riding. Just getting my IBA Saddlesore 1600 documents together to submit for that!

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Outstanding Scraggarax! Doing a 1600km IBA certified ride is tough even for folks who have ridden for years. Hope you remembered to get those sales slip photos along side your odometer for record keeping & submission. Massive hassle reduction in the whole process. But from the sound of things you’ve got this ride already in the saddle bag. HELL YES!

Welcome Scraggarax! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome Scraggs! Always nice to see fellow Canadians pop in! :grin:

Been good flying with ya so far Scragg!!!

Welcome Scraggarax! We can always use Fleet Security, and don’t worry if you change your mind as you settle into the game, there is plenty of fun to be had across the board!

Welcome Scraggarax! Great to see another motorcycle enthusiast. We have great people here and it looks like you’ll fit right in. Keep an eye out for Marine training and don’t be shy in mumble. Looking forward to flying with you.

Hi Scragg, Welcome to ADI and Star Citizen. If you need any help with the game just ask on discord or mumble. Hope to see you flying in the verse sometime.

Welcome aboard Scraggarax! Glad you chose to join us.

Welcome to ADI Scragg. Tis a great org for newbies and experienced players alike! Hope to see you out there with us!

Welcome, good to hear you are back into the PC world of gaming, although Halo is a wonderful game, looking forward to the new one even. See you in the verse’

Welcome to the team, Scragg! If I’m understanding your post right, if you’re picking up PC gaming again that must mean you’ve recently upgraded your rig. What did you end up going with?

Welcome to ADI Scraggrax, I understand working inconsistent hours, sad that you’ll be putting the bike away for the season. Might I suggest getting a Ranger next month so you have the prospect in getting a motorbike in game to pass the time?

Hello Scragg …

thank you for joining Atlas Defense Industries and welcome in the team. There is one good thing, when joining a large organisation like ours - you have plenty of life and action around you. So I am sure that you will have an awesome time in our ranks.


Welcome to the team!!

Welcome! Just got my motorbike licence so sad you lost ur bike! See you in the verse