Introduction scorplous

how’s it going, i play a lot of milsim games and have always found star citizen facinating. i recently got a beefy computer so i got it and am just getting started but i already have a love for the game and see myself playing till “release” lol. im trying to join you guys because of my milsim background and playing with people is always better than alone.

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Welcome aboard, @scorplous !

Just 2-cents :
Try to stay on Mumble & Discord often so you find your rhythm playing with us AND so you don’t miss out on activities!


im in the mumble lobby but havent been helped yet and its been almost 30 mins

I noticed that.
It appears folks are tied up for the moment.

Maybe circle back in 2-3 hours as many will be off work/school etc.

Thanks for being a good sport, @scorplous

I think someone tried connecting with you, @scorplous but your audio wasn’t quite synced yet.

Explore fixes-
Mumble setup / confit drop-downs.
Your PC’s control panel - make sure devices are properly plugged in/activated.
And of course little things like mute button and/or headset battery?

i got got some help thanks man.

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Welcome to ADI!

Welcome aboard

thanks guys.