Introduction: Schrottyy

Hello there,

Im quite new to Star Citizen, and looking forward to exploring the game.
I dont really know on which career path i wanna focus, but im excited to try everything the game and this community has to offer :slight_smile:


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Welcome to ADI Schrotty. You’ve selected the right org to join. There’s a strong mentoring spirit here in ADI so don’t be shy about involving yourself in the ADI culture; mumble for voice chat in-game, discord for print chat out of the game and of course these forums for questions answered, more permanent discussions and our archives which are an entertaining read. We all look forward to your own contribution to the fabric of our org.

Pleasure to meet you this morning during onboarding. We have lots to offer and you may find trying out different functions within the org to find what you enjoy the most. We look forward to bringing you that experience to help make the choice… Thanks for joining ADI, see you out there.

Welcome to ADI Schrottyy! If you have any questions about ADI or Star Citizen feel free to ask! We’ll be happy to answer any you have! I look forward to seeing you around the verse!

Welcome, Schrotty; we’re glad you decided to join us on this journey. I’m sure you’ll find your role as you play through the offerings in SC; that’s the beauty of the game…so many paths to choose. Look forward to meeting and flying with you soon. See you in the Verse!

Welcome Schrotty, great to have you here and looking forward to getting you situated with the crew. I"m sure you’ll fit right in with the crew. You will definitely find an area of play that is your style. Any question is welcome and we are always happy to help

Welcome to ADI Schrottyy! Good to have you onboard.

Welcome to ADI, Schrottyy. Hope to see you flying around in the verse.

Welcome Schrottyy! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse. Hope to fly with you soon!

Welcome to the crew! Definitely try everything you can, it’s all good!

Hallo Schrotty,

Welcome here at Atlas Defense Industries … Good to have you here and and first and foremost have an awesome time at our flight deck.

Just feel free to ask if you have questions, may it be technical or organizational.



Hey Schrottyy! Welcome aboard happy to have you with us! I’m sure we will find a spot for you. Luckily, getting involved so early in the alpha process means you’ll have plenty of time to figure out your role while we are still experimenting.

Welcome to ADI Schrottyy, great organization to join for our coming adventures. Looking forward to running missions with you and exploring all the great new content together.

Welcome to ADI, glad to have you and see you in the verse.

Hey, Schrottyy, welcome to ADI! Don’t worry too much about which career path to focus on, there are quite a few ways to get involved and you are more than welcome to explore them all! That said, though, what is your gaming background like? That answer might help us to narrow down a couple different areas for you to explore first.

Welcome !
What kind of ships interest you so far?

Hey’o Schrotty!

New or Veteran to SC all are welcome here and we’re here to help out with questions or needing backup just speak up in mumble,discord, or here in the forums. As for a career path why choose just one? Theres so many coming up that’ll be interesting to try out and have fun with plus we’ve got salvage and fueling as the next two that should be up for trying out.

Have a good one Schrotty!

That said, though, what is your gaming background like?
Currently mainly Overwatch and LoL earlier on Total War, Heroes of Might and Magic and Civ.
For now im most interested in Private Contractor Services & Commerce & Transportation.

What kind of ships interest you so far?
Avenger Titan as an upgrade to my Mustang Alpha when I still have fun at this game in like 3-4 months
And I really would like to be a crew Member on one of the capital class ships or on a gun ship like the Hammerhead

That’s a pretty diverse gaming background. With your experience in Overwatch you might have the quick reflexes to make a great marine, or with your time spent in games like Total War or LoL you might have the creative mindset to make a great staff member. You really do have a lot of diverse options available to you so don’t ever feel like you need to pigeonhole yourself into one particular lane.

Welcome to ADI Schrottyy! We’re a pretty open and social group of players, and lots of us have lots of ships for various careers and things to do in Star Citizen, so if you want to try something out just ask one of us and we can spawn one of our ships for you to go have some fun with! Or, just ask someone to show you how something works, we’re always happy to help each other out. See you in the 'Verse!