Introduction - RogueCeption

Hi Everyone! I am RogueCeption, I am fairly new to Star Citizen and have come by way of Hyndrosa’s twitch streams. By day I am a software engineer and right now I’m just getting my bearings in game. Nice to meet all of you!

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Welcome to ADI RogueCeption. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to playing with you.

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Hi RogueCeption, welcome to the org. Feel free to ask about the game on Mumble once you are fully onboarded. Everyone here is willing to help you become more familiar with the game.

See you in the verse!

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Hallo Rogue, new or old alike theres a place for everyone around the Org from all facets of Star Citizen. Welcome to the experience that is Star Citizen and to Atlas Defense Industries.

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Welcome! What type of coding do you do?

Any ships catching your eye yet?

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Hi @RogueCeption, Welcome to ADI! How long have you been playing?

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Looking forward to playing with you too! And thank you for the warm welcomes!

For sure, I appreciate the offer of help! I hope to see you in the verse soon!

Thank you for the warm welcomes! ADI stood out to me and I hope to help out where I can!

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Thanks for the warm welcomes! I do primarily java and python for now.

That’s the funny thing, I found out about SC because I randomly saw a screenshot of an MSR and fell absolutely in love with it. Since then, I have a soft spot for the Crusader design language and am hoping to get in on the Hercules and Ares action soon…

Hi! Thanks for the welcomes! I’ve been soloing for about over a month now!

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Ah, well welcome. It’s much better with other people.

Rogue, welcome to ADI! I apologize for getting disconnected when trying to get you on board. My computer froze and crashed, glad to see you stuck around! Look forward to flying in the verse with you!

Sweet! - yes love the Crusader designs, very clean.

Hi RogueCeption, glad you have joined us through one of our streamers.

If you have any questions or stuck on something particular in-game, you can either drop a message on Discord or if you’re in the Public Gaming channel on Mumble you can ask anyone in there. Make sure to check out our calendar on our website for the next event coming up, they are really well organized and fun.

Anyways ill see ya in the verse bud. :slight_smile:

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