Introduction: Rms2000

Hello. I’m joining ADI because I’m tired of orgs where nobody ever shows up to play after the first week. I’m currently an Evocatus, but asside from my NDA, there shouldn’t be any conflicts of interest. I consider myself a proficient miner and an average racer, combat pilot and FPS gunman (though I haven’t played any star marine since I played EFT). As a gamer, I tend to be mildly unreliable, as my focus tends to shift between games unpredictably, but I’m not prone to ragequitting or anything that would affect my ability to carry out an operation once committed to it (aside from normal IRL stuff). I’m hoping that I can find some people here who are willing and able to crew my mole on occasion and who I can join on wing missions from time to time.

Edit: During onboarding, I was asked to change my handle, which I’ve been using for over a decade and which has become a second name to me. When I refused, as I have no intention of going by another name in this one community, with the exception of short term callsigns, I was told that management had decided that I needed to change my name to avoid confusion. I can understand wanting to avoid confusion, but in my book asking a player to change his handle (which you can only do once) for the benefit of a little convenience is a jerk move, and therefore should be in direct contention with The Rules. Until such time as this conflict is resolved, I have withdrawn myself from the Org and will unfortunately not be joining ADI. I’m sorry friends; I’d really been looking forward to playing with you.

HI @Rms2000 and welcome. I’m glad you came here. I get it what you were saying about other places nobody being around. I was in the mumble yest and there we 3 separate groups in the verse. I joined because I wanted people to hang out with. I have a bunch of ships which you are welcome to use so do hesitate to say hi when you see me online… Don’t worry about your skill levels. The flight model keeps changing anyway. There is time to hone your skills in the coming months… See ya soon…

Big welcome to ADI @Rms2000.

One of the many good things with ADI is that we can also play other games than Star Citizen.
I know people play guild wars 2, some play roleplaying games and I play Conan, Mechwarrior 5 and Hunter call of the wild aside from Star Citizen as well. It’s nice with some variety now and then. What is nice is that we got a nice community to experience different games with.

Once again welcome and I am looking forward to meeing you 'verse-side.

Hi Rms. Welcome to ADI.

Hi @Rms2000,

Welcome to ADI.

You will not find any shortage in people to fly with since we have pilots on mumble throughout most hours of the day. We are a social bunch that like having fun, just ask around and I am sure you will find some people wanting to crew up with you and do some mole mining.

Hi Welcome to ADI

Welcome to ADI @Rms2000, i look forward to working with you, and would love to join you some time.

Welcome to ADI, Rms2000. Glad you are interested in joining. ADI is very understanding with schedules and there are always active people around on several different games, so I think you will enjoy it here. If you need anything let me know. See ya in the verse!

Hi Rms2000 and welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI! Your days of waiting for people to play with are over :smiley: there are always people on, any time of day and they are always willing to join in on whatever is going on. I don’t mind mining, so feel free to ask me to crew your mole when you see me on. See you in the verse!

Glad to see you made it to the party but sad you left before the band started to play. It’s true; ADI’s music isn’t for everyone.