Introduction: Reptilius

Hello ADI,

My name Reptilius in the game and Alan in the real world. I am a 24 year old IT tech in the US Army. My game-play resume consists mainly of FPS games but I dabble in most any genre. I look forward to becoming a part of this large community.

Hey Reptilius!

Welcome to ADI! I love some FPS myself, nothing like a little Star Marine to sate that craving. IT Tech in the military sounds like a solid career. You’ll find there are many veterans and active duty in the org. I personally love hearing where everybody’s been as I have hardly been off the east coast myself.

If you haven’t already, make sure to drop by mumble and say hey. I look forward to talking with you soon!

Welcome Aboard Reptilius,

Glad to have you on the team! I’m sure your Army skills will pay off in the team activities of the game. Looking forward to playing in the verse!


Welcome and thank you for your service!

Planning on running and gunning in game or going to stick on the tech side?

Big fan of Ghost Recon Wildlands at the moment if youve played that.


Nice chatting with you briefly last night! You’ll have to teach me how to race, I’m pretty slow it seems :slight_smile:

Hi Reptilius,

Glad to have you with us. Thank you for your service! That’s great that you’re in the army doing IT. We have a lot of military folks around here so you should meet some great people. Looking forward to seeing you around. All the best

So glad to have you Reptilius! My gaming is all over the place too. There are lots of ppl playing lots of different games on mumble all the time. Hope to catch up to you!

Hi Reptilius,

welcome to ADI, glad to have you here. What specialisation to you have in the IT?

hope to see you soon on mumble or discord


Hey Reptilius, USAF here. Always good to see a brother in arms join. Personally it has been awesome getting to know some of the foreign guys, specifically from foreign military. We have some pretty interesting conversations on discord. Hope to play with you soon.