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Hello All,

My name is John, I am 38 years Old I have been with SC since the very first year it was released for early access. I have pledged alot to this game as I see so much potential in it. When I am not playing I am either hanging out with my wife and 2 kids or I am at work I am active Army been in for 17 years and gaming is my hobby… look forward to working and playing with all of you.


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Hi Reaper98513 and welcome to ADI.

I’m glad you joined the org, I’m looking forward to flying with you in a Op. If you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to ask.

Welcome to ADI and thank you for your service. I’m glad you joined the team. It was nice chatting with you this morning. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI! Thank you for your service. That’s what drew me to this org. Real Life (family) comes first. Sounds like you have a great family. Hope to see you in the 'verse!

Hi John, welcome to ADI. Are you on a GMT friendly timezone? See you in Mumble!

Hey man, just wanted to say welcome to ADI and look forward to flying with you in the verse. What ships are your favorite so far?

Welcome to ADI John. Thank you for your service. A bunch of my family is/was military also.

Welcome to ADI Reaper
nice to have you , hope to see you soon in the verse !

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