Introduction: ragingclue

Hi all, just noticed an invite from somebody here a couple years ago and was thinking of joining an org anyway. Seemed like a good spot. I’m not too sure what I really want to aim for as far as “role” goes in SC yet. I see you guys play DCS as well (or at least you used to). I have sunk too much money into that game as well so it’d be nice if some of you guys crossed over to that too.

Hey Raging! I must say, that last line. Most of us are there. You’ll be in good company… Welcome to ADI!

Once again, Welcome to ADI! i look forward to adventuring the verse with you. stay active here and im sure you will meet a plethora of likeminded individuals to crew up with for whatever star citizen may bring our way.

Welcome to ADI ragingclue. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hello, ragingclue! Welcome to ADI!

Is there any specific gameplay in SC you enjoy?

We have a number of divisions, and we have a lot of members you can team up with to help you find roles you enjoy!

See you around!

Hi @ragingclue, welcome to ADI. I’ve not seen DCS before but have heard a couple of people on here talk about it. Is it good? See you in Mumble!

Thanks for the warm welcome all!

@BronzeFox I’ve done a bunch of solo mining in the Mole in the halo just to get used to the mining gameplay. It was pretty relaxing, but this was 3.12 I think… and I lost a lot of loads due to 30k in the halo and also lost a couple loads when transporting after refining. So although those crashes add a bit to the excitement/pucker factor, I’m glad they happen a lot less now. I’ve also done plenty of box/search missions, as well as PvE bounties up to HRT. The only thing I haven’t touched on much yet is PvP. Sorry about being long-winded about answering your question, but the short answer would be I like a lot of it, and enjoy moving from one thing to another right now, especially since not many of the tasks/roles have a lot of gameplay depth yet. I’m also really looking forward to checking out the data running and exploration gameplay, but from what I understand, I’ll be waiting a while for all that. I also look forward to MOAB shenanigans.

@FatHeadedZebra Yes DCS is incredible IMO! It’s got some frustrating bugs from time to time for sure, and the mission editor gives me the fits, but I enjoy it a ton. I’ve got quite a few modules I don’t even have any measurable seat time in yet, and others I haven’t flown in so long that I’ll have to re-learn most of the procedures, etc… but it’s great.

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I might give the free version a go sometime. Thanks

Yeah! I also do quite a bit of mining, but sometimes take breaks and do random missions and stuff as well! I’ve lost a bit of cargo to 30ks. It’s definitely frustrating, but I try not to let it bother me :slight_smile:

I’m also excited for exploration, but yeah it may be a while. I really like the new reputation system for bounties, and I’m looking forward to seeing it spread to other professions!

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