Introduction: ParaSilverado

Hiya peeps! I am ParaSilverado! I was referred here by iDefenderz who is currently in the corp.

A little about me: I am a 36 year old male from Ontario Canada. I have 14 years of Law Enforcement under my belt and recently made a career change to Waste Management. I am a Senior Admin for a game called The Isle along side iDefenderz. I have been gaming ever since the original Nintendo first came out so its been quite some time. Any further questions please dont hesitate to ask!

Hey welcome to ADI and thats a major difference in career change how ya adjusting?

The politics is much better as its so much going on behind closed doors in Law Enforcement and alot of finger pointing… lol

Welcome aboard Para. This is a chill place to be. Let us know if you need anything.

Welcome ParaSilverado to ADI! What kind of game play are you interested in? We have miners, traders, bounty hunters, and mission runners playing every night so you can always find some group to join.

Welcome aboard leet gamer, looking forward to blowing stuff up with you soon

Was nice chatting earlier Para! Welcome to ADI and see you out there!

Welcome to ADI! We have alot to offer so I hope you enjoy it! See you in the verse!

I am interested in mining and transport :slight_smile:

Welcome to the team looking forward to working with you in the future

Welcome to ADI from a fellow Canadian! Enjoy the change of pace in your career change. See you in the verse!

Welcome to the org! As past leo, I am sure you will have some fun hunting those bounties!!! I will join!

Welcome to ADI. You seem to be an experienced gamer who can benefit our community. Make yourself at home and join us on Mumble so we can do missions together.

Welcome aboard. This is a solid group of people, you’ll have a great time.

What’s your favorite ship so far?

still experimenting with the ships at the moment so no favourite as of yet lol

Welcome to ADI ParaSilverado! If you ever need a mining partner to goof around with hit me up!

Awesome! I actually just went and got myself a prospector to do some mining and hopefully get some money rolling on my end but for sure we can do some ops!

Sweet! For sure, we can do some tag-team mining in the Mole someday.

The helix size 1 laser head is the upgrade you want for the prospector (108k). That shouldn’t take too long. You won’t need to mess with mining head consumables until you’re trying quantainium rocks with the helix. At that point the “optimum” has worked well for me.

i’ll try to remember that! lol

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