Introduction OhBuzzer

Hi, I’m Colby also known as Buzzer, I’m new to SC and I’m very excited to get to know you all. Looking forward to everything there is to experience!!


Welcome to the org! What ship do you enjoy flying the most currently?

Welcome to ADI

Welcome OhBuzzer, hope you find what your looking for at ADI. great group of members here.

Get into to mumble to finish your onboarding, Check the forums regularly to see what going on and sign up for whatever interests you.

Well I just started yesterday and joined with my roommate controlling turrets and being his copilot. About onboarding, when I went to mumble I spoke to someone and they said they had to wait till I was verified. Is there anyway that I can talk to someone and we agree on a later time to do it? Based on my current work schedule?

Usually people are going to be online from 11AM US Central between the European and US crowd.

Okay thank you!!

Welcome to ADI, see you in the verse