Introduction of Migher

I’m Michael and known in the verse by Migher. I have pledged to roberts space industrues for about 5 years ago, but have only recently begun to play, 3 months now. I have played Elite Dangerous VR and x1/2/3/4 for many years. I have never before joined a group of people and hope it will bring some great new stuff to my play.

I have ordered one flightstick and throttle from Virpil, so that will be fun to try, when I received them months from now.

See you in the Verse.


Hello and welcome to ADI!

Looking forward to meeting you in the verse.

Hi Migher,
What has made you move from Elite?
I keep thinking to try it. Welcome to ADI.

Welcome to ADI Migher. I’m sure you’ll like it here, flying solo in the verse vs with an organised group is immensely different and much more enjoyable Imo.

Hope to fly with you in the verse soon.

By the way, what was your main focus in ED? Trading, fighting or exploration?

I have not moved away from Elite. I just have so many billions and all the ships, so it got a little bored, but still a very great game. What is extremely fantastic is, when you look at all the stars, you can actually fly to every single one of them, mind blowing. I know they are planning an expansion, and then i’m game again.

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I am looking forward to see how it is in a group.

In ED I didn’t have a main focus, but did all there was to do. Obviosly, I have not been to every star.

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Welcome to ADI Migher. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running ops with you.

Welcome to ADI! Having a group to play with is an exponential increase in fun with this game. What ship did you start out with? Are there any you want to try out? Don’t be afraid to ask, whether for help or just to try something. We are happy to do both. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI @DreadDrool!

It’s a lot of fun playing in a group and you have picked a great org for participating in group play. We have regular training sessions and org operations, as well as just picking up a group of people online and doing random this in the verse.

I have bought ED, installed it and have not yet actually played it. I will when work settles down a bit.

See you in verse!

I started with the Aurora. And when all the ships was free to try, I flew almost everyone. So far I have a cutlass black, hornet f7c (cant figure out if this is free), greycat ROC, and constellation andromeda.
The Esperia Prowler is looking great, but in what missions can it be used as dropship ?

See you in verse!

I might give it a go, thanks.

The Hornet is a loaner for a lot of ships, as numerous ships can’t be used in Arena Commander. So they give you a hornet so you can do that :slight_smile: The Prowler can be used a bit like a heavy fighter, though it’s not designed as such. It is a drop ship, so primary mission is bring in ground troops for some FPS combat, usually bunker clearing missions.

Ok, thanks for the info about the hornet and prowler.

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