Introduction of ExiaLen

Hello my name is ExiaLen ive been playing SC since the last freeweek, Ive been playing solo for a bit, making money by cave diving and a few cargo runs.

Willing to learn other aspects of the game and have some laughs will the game bugs cause some interesting situations.

In real life i work for the railroad so RL is unpredictable, I also play other games like Eve, factorio, Space Engineers, and serve more.

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Welcome Exia!

You’ve found a good group of people to play with. We definitely have some laughs with the bugs and other aspects of the game, so I think you’ll have a good time. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Welcome to ADI, FPS mining and cargo runs are so much better with friends. Well if they arent mining with you its good enough to have a group of ADI in your ear. When the cave pirates appear org mates are never to far away.

Welcome ExiaLen, looking forward to flying with you soon. Cargo runs and mining of any sort are far better with friends, and we have plenty of people to help if you find yourself in a bit of a pinch. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI ExiaLen. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to crossing paths with you.

Merry welcome @ExiaLen and a happy new year!

Youve defenitly ended up at the right org. tons of experienced and new players all trying out different mechanics and gameplay togheter. its a brilliant learning platform. Looking forward to catching you on mumble!

Welcome to ADI ExiaLen! Looking forward to flying with you. What ships are you currently running?

Hi ExiaLen, Welcome to ADI.

Oh yeah the last free week was one of the reasons I woke up from my slumber sleep on this game and with the new patch new bugs appear but some old annoying ones disappear showing the progress this game has went through.

Make yourself comfortable and yeah opportunities are never short when coming to do diverse things with us.

Don’t worry dude Real Life first and very cool games list! (I play Space enigeers myself)

Anyways Welcome to ADI dude!

Welcome, ExiaLen, glad to have you aboard! I sympathize with how unpredictable working for the Railroad can be, I used to work for TTX, so definitely understandable, that’s why the main rule here is RL comes first. If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask , we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome to the ORG,
I hope you enjoy your time here,
We post our operations and certs on our forums so be sure to keep an eye out.
our cert are good with learning the game as well as more org orientated features.

Hi @ExiaLen good to have you with us I love cargo runs it a good time filler

and if you ever need any help don’t hesitate to contact your chain of command and they will be happy to assist you. And hope to see you on Mumble soon

Hiya, Exia! I can really apreciate your positive attitude towards bugs :slight_smile: Will make the SC journey that much interesting :wink: They indeed make for some interesting things from time to time xD

Be well and fly safe!