Introduction of DocJay78

Hello all I am Doc I am new to Star Citizen but am wanting to learn and help others. I am not new to mmos space games I did play eve for years


Weelsome to ADI! Im glad to see eyou have some experience with space MMOS. I haven’t played eve myself. But its really cool from what I understand. Im looking forward to you experiencing the thrills of SC. Let me know if you need anything an I can help get you pointed in the right direction! welcome!

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Hi Doc, welcome. Which gameplay are you enjoying or looking forward to most?

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Mining is what I am hoping to learn


Welcome to ADI @DocJay78 ! It was a pleasure to be able to Onboard ya, and I hope that i can get on and mine or cargo haul with you soon!

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Hey there Doc, welcome to ADI, and I hope to see you in the 'verse!


Welcome to the cooler, albeit more buggy, version of Eve!

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Hello DocJay78 welcome to ADI glad to have you with us. See you in the verse.

Welcome to ADI doc, I hope you find us to be a great fit. Keep checking the forums and sign up for any training or ops that interest you.

I still play Eve off and on like most Eve fans cannot believe how much it’s changed in the last 3-4 years.

Welcome to ADI DocJay78. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to gaming with you.

Hi DocJay78, Welcome to ADI,

I’m glad you joined the org, I’m looking forward to flying with you in a Op. If you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to ask.

Anyways once again, welcome to the Org and hope to see you in an Op.

Welcome to the org, heard you had a good time today with ersoto mining! I’m sure we will meet up soon and start collecting some $$ very soon…see you around the verse !!!

Hey there, DocJay78,
Had a good time chatting with you briefly on Mumble today - nice to meet you. If you ever do end up in prison like we talked about, give a shout, I can show you one of the shortcuts out. Know you don’t intend to get there, but it happens to all of us at some point (basically any time CIG runs an event for the first time).
Cheers, Adigger.

Welcome to Star Citizen and ADI! I hope to see you around the 'verse, and learn a few things from you. I trust you will find the folks of ADI to be very helpful. Cheers.

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