Introduction - NursingMyKD

Hi there, I’m Shane or NursingMyKD it doesn’t really matter to me which, and I just started out on Star Citizen. I’m currently just looking for a chill group of people to hangout with and learn more about the game. With working night shift in the ICU I’m up at odd ball hours on my days off so finding a group that is internationally spread out would be great. I spend a lot of time PC gaming, mostly EFT and am trying to find other games to occupy my time.


Welcome to ADI. What gameplay are you enjoying?

Welcome! I highly recommend reading/doing the ADI basic certs, it has good info that I wish I had when I first started playing.

EFT? Escape from Tarkov? Star Citizen’s FPS style does feel somewhat similar to that, but not as complicated in the inventory stuff. And way easier to play as a team compared to EFT.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! Im also a retired tarkov escapee, stopped playing because every aspect of the game got unreasonably worse, (stats & xp gain, recoil, map traversing speed, scav aimbot level, good armor and bullets in flea are gone, bushes now stop you and get you killed when retreating , hackers still exist) I feel like every change made in the past 3 years made the game worse…

Welcome to ADI!
I am looking forward to playing with you.