introduction: norc

Hello I am Norc . 42 towmotor driver loader/receiver in a paper warehouse.
been a fan of the type of game since wing commander days and had to join in
Im not a very social person . i tend to lurk in the background in chat . but i do try to offer and advice or help if i feel it can be usefull
currently own in game freelancer dur a hornet dragonfly nox cyclone. i plan on getting a prospector and a connie

Hey Norc!

Welcome to the crew! We can’t all be social butterflies :slight_smile: Love your ship choice!

See you in the verse!

Welcome! You’ve got a nice fleet going already! I look forward to flying with you.

Hello Norc,

Welcome to ADI! We’re glad you could join us. Sometimes the jobs in the background are the most interesting jobs :slight_smile:. I worked as a driver delivering to gift stores in the Grand Canyon a few summers. That’s great that you’re into space sims, you should fit right in. All the best to you

Hi Norc! Great to have you here. I’m jealous of your ship collection, I need to get on the ball!

Hi Norc,

welcome to ADI. What was your Wing Commander starting title? I started for myself with Wing Commander on my Amiga 500 and then switched over to PC and played all 4 titles including the bonus campaign. Was awesome grafic back in the days, today, most people didn’t understand the beauty from the past



welcome to ADI from the UK. I play a fair bit with my american colleagues so look forward to seeing you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI!

Man I feel like everyone puts my little aurora to shame lol. Congrats on the fleet and see you flying around deep space.

first ship i bought was a aurora . it however ended up turning into a dragonfly

not sure i think i had all of them . one of the privateers i bought but never got to play my pc at the time could load the gaem but then would freeze up. the last title i do remember was armada didnt play much of it but did play the one on one over dial up against my cousin for along time. only game we had that could do that :slight_smile: