Introduction: Nobori

Greetings All,

I’ve been following StarCitizen since about 2013. In my late 30s and played games online long as I can remember. Looking to get involved with a group and enjoy some more time in SC. I’ll be on most evenings for my time zone at least, consider myself to be a casual player but I will be around fairly consistently.

I read through some of the posts and felt like this may a good spot for me. Most of what I look forward to doing in SC so far is exploration and combat roles. Thanks


Great to have you in the org Nobori. We have org operation pretty much every week (not around christmas) so make sure to keep an eye on the forums!

Hello there Nobori,
welcome to the ORG.
We have a consistantly playerbase in all timezomes, so theres plenty of people to talk/with.
Be sure sure to keep an eye on the forums, as we do post operations there regularly

Thanks, glad to be here, ill try to pop in and get to know you all on mumble

Welcome aboard Nobori. Good to have you with us!

Welcome, Nobori, glad to have you aboard! We definitely have the divisions to fit the roles you’re looking to run in the game and we have a wonderful staff here that will help get you set up for the divisions you’re looking to get into. If you need any help or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, we’re always here to help. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI Nobori. Great to have another long time backer with us. It’s an exciting time to be in the verse with more content to experience with every patch. Look forward to flying with you soon.

Welcome Nobori,

ADI is a place for casuals and highly active players alike. Definitely reach out if there are any ships you would like to try. Come February I can imagine that the expanse of Stanton will be covered in ADI Carracks, so there will be no shortage of exploration ships to captain or crew. For the combat role, there are many different experienced pilots ranging from fleet commanders to the bounty hunting dogfighter who would be happy to fly wing with you and share combat tricks.

Hey @Nobori, welcome. As a fellow casual player I don’t think you’ll have any problems fitting in with us. This community is large, for sure, but it’s made up of some really good folks. Honestly I don’t I’ve never really encountered any sincere elitism in ADI (that’s not to say there isn’t any I’ve just never seen it). I’m on Mumble most evenings around 2200 CT till 0300-ish CT. If that lines up with your schedule, don’t be a stranger. Anyway, happy to have you and I’m sure I’ll bump into you at some point.
-edited because I can’t tell time-

Welcome to ADI Nobori! Hope you find yourself comfortable with us and hope to see you in the next Org Op :slight_smile:

Hey Hey Norbori,

Thanks for backing way back when and helping the ball roling on this adventure along side the other kickstarter folks. We later additions appreciate it! Exploration and combat are pretty intertwined on the fringes of known space so we’ll likely be flying together at one point. Feel free to ask for backup or if you’ve questions Nobori, everyones pretty helpful.

Welcome aboard @Nobori, saw you pop in mumble last night, hope you are getting a good feel for the community this org provides. Hope to get a chance to fly with you soon. With combat and exploration what ships do you have or are trying to get?

I have donated a bit to SC, but Carrack, Connie Phoenix, and Corsair is what I have for exploration ships

Welcome to ADI Nobori. I look forward to playing with you.

Welcome @Nobori, you’ve found the best org in the Verse and a great place to get into the game with the right crew.