Introduction: MytiMytix

Hey all! I’m MytiMytix, you can call me Austin or James, don’t mind all that much. I’m a firefighter paramedic, as well as being on the SWAT department, Troop G, with Louisiana, with an Associate’s in Paramedicine and a Bachelor’s in Criminal Psychology. I’m very excited to learn about Star Citizen and how it’s different from Elite Dangerous, as well as excited to meet new people and learn this game. Just bought it yesterday. I’m eager to learn the game and all it entails, and can’t wait to meet people to teach me how I can become efficient in as many things as I can. Thank you for having me. Hope to meet you all in space!

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Hi Myti, welcome to ADI. What gameplay are you interested in?

Hi Myti! Welcome to ADI, How are you today!

Hey Myti and welcome to Atlas Defense Industries as well as to Star Citizen! It’s an evolving universe but seems to be getting better with each new patch that gets rolled out and if you have questions or need a hand we encourage new arrivals to speak up in discord, mumble, or here in the Forums.

Ahh I think I might want to try and see what the Fleet Security is all about. My apologies for the late response, got called into work. Thanks for having me!

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Many thanks! I’m doing pretty great, hope your day was well too.

Thanks for the welcome, chief. I’ll be sure to do that, everyone I’ve talked to so far has been very accommodating and helpful!

Welcome to ADI MytiMytix. I’m glad you joined the team. You’re in good company here; many active and retired first responders here. I look forward to your leaning how to mine through us.

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