Introduction - MrAxeHead


I’m MrAxeHead. I am excited to join ADI and I look forward to having fun with everyone.


Welcome to ADI!

Hey there! We’re often have a group running in-game, just ask for an invite. Don’t forget to check out the Operations, they’re alwaysreally fun.

Don’t forget to take part in certifications and other org ops! Welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI @MrAxeHead! What have you been doing in the 'verse?

Welcome to ADI MrAxeHead. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to running into you.

Hi MrAxeHead, welcome to ADI. What ship are you enjoying ATM?

Hey @MrAxeHead,
Welcome to ADI
Any ships your excited about that will eventually come to the PU?
If you need anything feel free to come find me on mumble or feel free to pm me on here or on discord and ill be more than happy to try and help
Good Luck!

@MrAxeHead welcome to ADI! see ya in the 'verse

Best.Name.Ever. Glad to see you on an Operation already (even though it was a bit snake-bit). Look forward to seeing you in the verse and hearing the story of that name.

Welcome to ADI @MrAxeHead!

We are excited to have you with us also!

What kind of game play are you in to in game?

Welcome to ADI! I hope you have enjoyed your time with us so far, and don’t hesitate to join in on what ever is going on. We love to have big groups running around and making cash, shooting bad guys, just messing around and seeing what we can make happen. See you in the verse!