Introduction - Mr_Euro

Hello, I am Euro i have played many different games. last few week/months have got into star citizen, I am a Member of WTH Hence why i am WTH on discord this is a community with ties to HLL/Squad and much more, i have been around games for a long time. I am looking to enjoy the game and explore more possibilty, I current run alot of bunker or cargo missions in game but i am looking to expland that with the right people, i am hoping to get alot out of ATLAS as i beleave this will bring alot more fun experances to the game as i beleave this game is best played with others i also think the experiance you can provide will help me,
little About me i am from the UK but my job means i work all kinda times and i am at work alot.
I beleave i can bring many different experiances to the table,
Cheers Euro


Welcome Welcome! This game is best played with others and you are in the right place to do that. Glad to have you here.

Welcome! We have plenty of members from different timezones so I think you will find that there is always someone to play with!

Happy to have you here, see you in the verse!


Also make sure you get in mumble so we can get you properly onboarded. Here is a link to the instructions.

You can let me know if you have any questions about how to get on mumble I can help.

Welcome aboard

Welcome to ADI, Mr_Euro.

Hey Euro happy to have you here. Hope to see you in the verse. !