Introduction - Mactknife

Greetings all,
SO as most I am pretty new this game, actually started last night. I am an MMO veteran per say, as far as space MMO’s go I have played Eve and Elite Dangerous. This is one of those games that I have been watching and been on hte fence about, but finally pulled the trigger on it last like. I am interested in finding a group that I will enjoy working with and hope they enjoy working with me. I do enjoy a challenge and from what I have seen so far in my short play time this game might be exactly what I am looking for.


Hello and welcome to ADI and the ‘verse’ , the learning curb is steep but well worth the time and effort , so much to try out for your preferred profession , so good luck and have fun .

Welcome to ADI. What gameplay are you into?

Welcome to ADI, Mactknife.

Welcome to ADI Mactknife!

A lot of us come from space MMO’s as well, and many of us still play them alongside Star Citizen. We are definitely a great group to join as we are always working together and running org operations to keep the team functioning smoothly for the eventual game release.

Pleasure to have you aboard, see you in the verse!


I lean more toward the PCS - Protection Pilot or Private security roles

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Hello and welcome to the machine! Great to see you have joined us.