Introduction: Lysimachus

Name: Solomon
Age: 27
Avid gamer and long time MMO lover. Not into PvP but looking forward to what this game can hold. With current events I now have the time to put into this game.

Welcome to ADI Solomon! As do we all, time and more time :slight_smile: See you around the verse!

Welcome to ADI Lysimachus i look forward to playing with you!

Welcome aboard, Solomon. Lots to do that doesn’t require PVP both for solo and team play. Look forward to seeing you around. What ship(s) did you pick out so far?

Not much of a PvP guy myself, love shooting bots. Welcome aboard

Welcome to ADI! PVP is not for everyone, but there are so many non pvp activities that its easy to find something to do. See you in the verse!

Hi Lysimachus/Soloman and welcome to ADI! That’s one thing I love about SC even without everything in game there’s plenty to do that’s non-pvp related! See you out there :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Solomon! Exploring, trading, mining etc are all excellent roles for players who do not want to engage in P2P. If you need any help getting started just ask.

Hello, Lysimachus Welcome to the group, I also am a long time MMO lover, I started with Star wars Galaxies, then to WOW then This & Star Wars The Old Republic. love to chat with you sometime about MMOs, See you in the verse.

Hi and welcome to ADI!
You are more than welcome to come along and do some traderuns or mining expeditions =) Maybe some bounty missions wold be fine to =)
Dont forget to logg on to mumble if you want company in game =)

Lysimachus, hello and welcome to ADI! The members here have plenty of fun in the verse without the need for PvP. With the many options here for ADI members I am sure you can find a fun group to play with. Hope to see you in the verse, I could even be in that fun group.

Welcome and ADI and to SC. MMO’s are really fun. There are many not into PVP but there is plenty other to do :slight_smile:

Welcome to ADI Lysimachus. I’m glad you joined the team. See you in game.

Hi Solomon, welcome to ADI. The finished product of this game will offer sooooo much.

Welcome aboard Lysimachus, wasn’t that the name of one of Alexander the Great’s generals?

That is exactly where I got it from. His philosopher general.

Have gotten a Sabre and the free fly ships so far. Looking forward to dropships for the FPS side of the game

Hey buddy. Welcome to the community. It’s great that you have the time to play. Hop on mumble And let’s go stuff together as soon as you can. There’s lots of fun to be had here. Keep on the lookout for ops and certifications.