Introduction: Kuvox

Hi all,

I’m a casual weekend gamer (sometimes weeknights if I have free time). I’m mostly running box missions. I try to get some good play in with my brother but oftentimes we blow up playing mercenary missions, or just crash… (you know that story).

Anyways, seems way more fun to play this in a group so here I am - Thanks for letting me join!

Welcome to ADI! we have alot of stuff that you may want to check out so you wont get bored! See you in the verse!

Welcome Kuvox, I too am a week end player. Work week is too busy but as ADI rules states, RL first. Good to have you. Look in forums for OPS and Training usually on the weekends. Again, Welcome.

Hey Kuvox, welcome aboard. Looking forward to blowing some stuff up with you

Let the right person pilot and you will crash in many ways, like into planets =P.

Welcome to ADI!

Welcome Kuvox! ADI is a great place to build your Star Citizen skills and find new activities and friends to share them with.

Welcome to ADI Kuvox. I’m glad you joined the team.

Hey Kuvox, Welcome to ADI. Glad your here, this is a great place to make new friends and have a great overall experience. See you in the verse!

Thanks all! Had fun on claim jumpers yesterday with the crew. Excited to jump in and play with the group some more!

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Welcome Kuvox! Glad to hear you are having a great time with us already. See you in the verse!

Welcome to the community. I’m certain you are going to have a great time here with us whether you are a casual weekend player or hardcore. Can’t wait to play together with you. Don’t hesitate to ask questions should you have any and see you in the verse buddy!

Hey Kuvox, welcome aboard, saw you last night and look forward to playing with you more.

Welcome Kuvox welcome to ADI! This is a great group of folks to play with, you’ll have a lot of fun adventures here!

Hi Kuvox, I joined just lasty week. I have simlar issues. I’m tryign to upgrade my ship enough so that I can do the 890 jump mission. I keep gettign wasted while doing otehr missions and some cost me more than I’m earning :slight_smile:

Welcome Kuvox to ADI. looking forward to seeing you in the verse.

Hey Kuvox! Welcome!!! Glad to have you as part of our team! See you in the verse!

Welcome aboard Kuvox. Look forward to flying with you soon. Check out multicrew opportunities, box flying, and marine cert programs. Doing things with others is always more fun. I’m more of a casual gamer as well, reach out if you need anything.

Welcome to ADI Kuvox! Finding ways to die in the this game never gets old, but ya, finding ways to dies with others is way more enjoyable :wink:

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