Introduction JonesyTheKid

Hello, Gamer name JonesyTheKid, real life Ed Jones - Grew up being called Jonesy.
a little bio:
Just got into Star Citizen as I finally able to get a Gaming PC built. Looking forward to being in a well structured community of similar minded players and making friends since most of my gaming friends are console. Been a PC Gamer since Microsoft Combat Sim (was part of the Hell_Fighters- HF squadron) and WWII Online, im a history nerd even at a younger age. Was on the Axis side, ya ya, Panzer Lehr officer and GHC Officer for years. Prior Military of 10 years (4 active 4 guard) been everywhere. Married and currently adopting the 3 foster kids we have who are also doing remote learning - stay at home dad so real life is always throwing something at me, all 3 kiddos have IEPs.
Goals in game: Got myself the freelancer craft as I see myself as a merchant/transporter cargo hauler. Would like to get into the military aspect as soon as I figure out the flying mechs and able to really get better at dogfighting.
My gaming times are usually 7PM Est (USA) till whenever on most nights. Might see me on during the day for simple hauls during school hours as Daddy needs a break at times.
im a goof ball and laid back as well. cheers


Welcome to ADI @JonesyTheKid, Great to see another well seasoned flight sim guy in the Org. Look forward to interacting with you!

Hi Jonesy, sounds like you’re in the right place. The Freelancer seems like a really good ship and I use it for quick cargo runs, the 4 pilot controlled guns are quite handy aswell.
See you mumble and welcome to ADI.

Howdy Jonesy,

Happy to see another new face in our org! I see you already have a ship picked out that you like, Freelancer is a trusted craft and many people love it.

I look forward to seeing you around in Mumble and in the 'Verse!

Welcome to ADI! Always nice to have another veteran among us :slight_smile: When you get a chance, check out the ops we run on a regular basis. They are a great way to learn the game, and to meet many of our members. See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI @JonesyTheKid !

Always good to see new people join. If you have any questions just ask. Hope to travel with you in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, @JonesyTheKid! I’m in the Eastern timezone as well, so it’s likely that we’ll be seeing some of each other; glad to know that you already have some experience with combat simulators! Be sure to sign up for the Box Flying stuff and org ops if you want to improve your dogfighting, or just hang around the Public Gaming channel on Mumble and someone will try to drag everyone to do player bounties eventually.

@JonesyTheKid, welcome to ADI. Looks like you enjoy staying busy! Not too long ago, I was fresh to SC also. Based on what you typed out I would strongly recommend getting the basic certs. knocked out and jump into some basic Marine and Box Flight training. Get why to get snapped in quickly to the game and team both.

My bride teaches special education on the behavioral side so I think I know what you are talking about on the IEP front. If I’m right I can tell you and the partner got the hearts of gold man. awesome!

Look forward to seeing you in the Verse.

Welcome to ADI. Glad you decided to join us. Be sure to check out mumble if you have any questions or want to party up. I hope to see you there. Take care.

Welcome to ADI @JonesyTheKid! Lemme know how the distance learning is turning out, I have a few tricks up my sleeves for the kids I supervise, it ain’t easy and I envy your ability to do cargo runs when you can. You’ve found a great group here. And in your evening time slot you will find a good number of people to fly with, military and cargo. Look forward to see you.

Welcome to ADI Jonesy!

Welcome to ADI JonesyTheKid. I’m glad you joined the team. I look forward to your participation in ADI’s mass ops. Cheers.

Welcome @JonesyTheKid! You’re in good company, there are always folks online to group up with. Keep an eye out for a box flying training session, it’ll definitely help you get more acquainted with the flight mechanics and also our combat flight formations and brevity code. See you in the verse!

Hi Jonesy, Welcome to the ADI. Looks like you have your hands full. Hope to fly with you soon!

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