Introduction - Javier1zq


Hello guys, Javier1zq here!

I was recently recruited on the Website and i would love to start out and learn the basics.
Just bought my first starter pack yesterday so be gentle!
I have previous experience in DCS so i would love to join the combat pilot role once i have gathered enough experience.

Thanks and see you in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Javier1zq; ADI is a great org to join when the player is just starting out. There’s so much to do here, all of it reinforcing the skills you’ll need to navigate, trade, fight, defend and mine your hours away in game. There’s tons of experienced players ready and willing to answer questions and help solve your problems so don’t be shy about jumping into mumble, chatting on Discord or posting a question on our forums. I look forward to running ops with you.



Hi Javier1zq, Welcome to Star Citizen. Don’t worry that you have only just started, the 3.5 patch has changed the flight mechanics so anyone has something new to learn :sweat_smile:. That been said ADI does have tons of experience players who can help if you are suck or just looking for someone to play with. Hope to see you in the verse.



Welcome, Javier! I’m sure that, as a DCS pilot, you won’t take long to pick it up. What ships are you currently flying?



I Got the Mustang Alpha Pack and i upgraded to the Aurora LN, some redditors said it was a good idea, i hope it was the right call



I flew the LN for a long time, even after I got a Titan. But when they upgraded the Titan’s loadout, the LN was overshadowed in every way (but price). I do miss the LN, though. I fly it for old time’s sake whenever there is a new PTU.



Welcome Javier! Glad to have you with us here at ADI, you picked the right org to call home with active and experienced members to enjoy the Verse with and have fun. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!



Welcome to ADI Javier! I too enjoy DCS even though the only thing I good at is taking off and landing. This is a great org and tons of fun. Look forward to flying with you. o7



Welcome to the org, Javier! Tis a great org for both new and veteran players alike. I Look forward to seeing you out there with us!



Welcome Javier1zq! You definitely picked the right group to join. I hope to fly with you soon



Welcome, aboard Javier1zq!
I am glad you decided to take some time to get to know us.
What kind piloting do you favour most: Combat, Transportation, etc.? What drove you to Star Citizen?
Hope to catch you soon, have a good time!



It would most probably be combat, i put some hours into the arena commander mode and i found it to be amazingly fun.

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I might or might not have been tempted to upgrade to the Titan since i was told it was the best starter ship and i still had some bucks laying around. Plus it look really cool and i dig the ablation heat shield looks it has, it looks like a space shuttle!



Thanks for all the responses, i can see it is a really active organization



It is really mixed.
There are even some members that do not have a capable gaming PC jet.
When new PTU Versions come or they go Live in PU most people are active.
It will get fun when we roll out the Certification-System and come closer to Beta of SC :drooling_face:.



Welcome to ADI Javier!, yes upgrading from a Mustang Alpha to Aurora was a good idea. When I first purchased the Mustang, it wasn’t the alpha and it was a good little ship. Then CGI redid the Mustang and the Alpha become very less appealing. So I also went to the Aurora but not for long and upgraded to the Arrow. I did not stay long in the Arrow and went to the Cutlass Black. For now that is my main ship but plan to get others and keep the Cutlass since it has many uses. It does not perform like the Gladius, Arrow, Hornet, or Saber in Dogfighting so it’s more like a combat helicopter or utility helicopter than a combat jet. When the flight certifications come out, make sure to jump on them. We are glad that you chose ADI as your Star Citizen home and hope to be flying with you or fighting along side you soon in 3.5 verse.



Welcome to ADI Javier! I also totally recommend the Cutlass Black. It has good power and survivability and can be used for any mission and cargo hauling. It is the best all-purpose ship for now.



I mean it looks cool, but i think i spent enough money on this game for today, maybe someday. I’m going to stick with the Avenger Titan for now



Javier, welcome to ADI. Lots to look forward to as patches drop and the game continues to expand. See you in the verse soon.



Welcome to ADI Jacier1zq :slight_smile:

Nice to have you with us.

See you in the Verse!