Introduction: Horizon05

Hello! My name is Horizon05, I have been playing Star Citizen since late 2018, and have mostly enjoyed PvE combat and being a box monkey doing salvage missions, i have a Retaliator Bomber pledge at the time of writing, and enjoy windsurfing when i am not at my computer.


Welcome to the ORG im exited for the PvE in PYRO still plenty to do in STANTON tho

Welcome, Horizon05! PvE is my favorite aspect of the game as well. I’m looking forward to all the new UI updates and map interactions CIG has waiting for us! I bet you can’t wait for the new Retaliator release they teased during CitCon! It’s a great ship! Welcome to the Org!

Welcome aboard! I am big on PVE myself but I dont mind getting into the PVP as well. I have never been windsurfing but I imagine that is a heck of a time.

Welcome to ADI @Horizon05, hope to see you in the Verse! a box monkey? you mean Expert Tetris Stacker.

Hello and welcome to ADI! We have lots of people into salvage, mining, bunkers and pretty much every gameplay loop so you won’t have issues finding like minded people to play with. Looking forward to meeting in the ‘verse!

Welcome to ADI, Horizon! Glad to have you aboard! If you need any help with anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Looking forward to flying with you in the Verse!

Welcome to ADI @Horizon05!! If ever you want to get into cargo hauling hit me up on the discord or mumble!! See you in the Verse!!

Welcome to ADI @Horizon05! The retaliator is a pretty nice ship.

Welcome to ADI! PVE is always a fun time. Feel free to reach out to any of us for some multi-crew fun in that tali!

Howdy and welcome to ADI!

Welcome to ADI! Had the pleasure of playing with you last night. We’ll have to do it again!

Hey Horizon05, good to see you out there and welcome to ADI