Introduction - HMASoberon

hey guys so im Oberon, so I im pledged back in 2016, could not run the game for the life of me, went to ps4 then about a year ago , got a new pc and here i am finally getting into it!
so im here for some fun , structure and really to make the experience more out of the game and universe.
Im 21 from living in New Zealand and, working full time what’s always fun.
so yea nice to meet everyone and I’m really looking to heading out to space with you guys and seeing what we are made off.
god speed


Welcome to ADI! Great to meet you and hit me up in the verse with any questions or just to hang out. Talk to you soon!

Thanks , will do ! Yea would love to hang ! I’ll se ya around the Vers then .

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Welcome to ADI! Which ship are you enjoying?

Welcome aboard! With so much to explore feel free to ask any questions, we are always happy to help.

hey thanks! i recently bought the Aegis Redeemer and honestly i love it, very good well equipped ship.

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thanks man! and will do !

Welcome to ADI - If you need protection while mining, come check out Private Contract Services.

/ Crue (PCS Division Director)

Welcome to ADI Oberon. Agree that SC takes some getting into. But feel free to come and ask as for help on mumble or join us on missions.
By the way, notice the HMAS in your name. Do you have a navy connection?

hey thanks! and yea i was in the new zealand navy for 3 years, my name is HMAS what is the Australian navy. this is because i was over there and ended up getting to opportunity to go in a submarine, and it was the best thing iv ever done, so my name is a au class submarine.

Yeah I thought so. Worked with the Aussies a few times when I served. Recognised the HMAS straight away. Agree that getting to go on a sub is an experience. Been on a few in my time.

ohh really! so your ex mil as well? and got yea, just the isolation of being down there and how well you get along with your crew, its incredible the work they do below the sea.

Most of the members and staff are ex-military, and some are currently serving. Great bunch of guys here.

yea seems like it!
thanks cool as tbh about the military experience here

Welcome to ADI! I understand the struggles of having a system that can run the game. Hope to see you around the 'verse!

yes been a long few years in the making to be able to run this game well lmao! and yes see you around!