Introduction - Ghost_Riley

Hello! I just recently downloaded StarCitizen and was invited to join ADI. No clue on how to play yet but i have been on the subreddit’s discord server and checked out their learn-to-play tab. Overall am pretty new to the game and am looking forward to learning more through this organization. o7.

Welcome aboard! One quick questtion is Anon_Sec the intended spelling of your user name and handle? Please contact a TR, AD, or D and clarify Someone thinks it should be Arron_Sec. I for one am excited to see a fresh new member joining this elite organization. The most important thing is to have fun. You will find plenty of opportunity to grow in the verse with us. Good luck and again Have fun

Thanks! And my handle is spelt correctly. Anon in my handle is short for Anonymous. And the Sec is short for Sector. Meaning Anon_Sec is just a shortened version of “Anonymous_Sector”. Its definitely an overwhelming experience as I am not that accustomed to playing on PC, but I am a quick learner.

I was not so quick Spent about a month before getting sorted out. Its a steep learning curve

Welcome and we look forward to seeing you in the verse and having some fun!

Welcome to ADI! It is a great crew here. Hope to get to work with you on some missions soon!

Welcome to ADI. Being new won’t be a problem because we are gonna help you thru the learning process. Looking forward to meeting you in the verse

Welcome to ADI and the 'Verse! Don’t hesitate to ask anyone for help

Welcome to ADI! don’t be afraid to ask for help. There is a lot of knowledge here at ADI.

Welcome aboard. You are in the right place to learn to play.

@Ghost_Riley just like many of us within the org, think you will instantly become hooked, one thing that stands out from other games is the community of people actively trying to help one another.

Please log into mumble and several org mates will help you out

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to ADI, Lovely to have ya join! Make sure to join the Mumble!

@Ghost_Riley great to have you aboard. Your in good hands to learn the ins and outs of SC


Welcome to ADI! There is a ton of players around to help you learn the game - feel free to jump in mumble and join some missions!


Welcome aboard bro! If you need anything you can always give me a shout on mumble.Handle: ZepaAlpha. o7

Welcome to the verse and ADI @Ghost_Riley O7
Make sure to join in on the Mumble and don’t hesitate to ask questions we are all happy to help.

Welcome aboard