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I am new here at ADI. I backed Star Citizen back in 2014. But never really built a super-fast computer and able to handle Star Citizen early on. But now that has changed as I built a new computer able to handle the game well. I am looking to do some trading, cargo, mining, bounty hunting, and some combat too. My largest ship is the Banu Merchantman. Looking forward to helping and enjoying Star Citizen with ADI.

Take Care and see you in the PU.

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Howdy Ghost,

A jack of all trades, that is always great to see. Never gravitated towards the BMM, but I know lots of people have one as well so you are in great company!

Welcome to the team.

Welcome to the team @GGhost01. The BMM is a great looking ship. I myself am looking at building a worthy machine as soon as these unicorn GPUs appear on the market.

Welcome @GGhost01 !

Great talking with you in Mumble. Hope to travel with you more in the 'verse.

Welcome to ADI, @GGhost01! Happy to see someone who has such varied interests join the org; sometimes I forget there’s more to this game than blowing people out of the sky. Hope to see you around!

Welcome to ADI! I hope we were able to give you a taste of what we can do as a group, and lood forward to doing it some more. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need a hand with anything, we are always more than willing to help out :slight_smile: See you in the verse!

Welcome to ADI @GGhost01! I didn’t have a computer until May, so I know the feeling of not being able to play something you want. Hopefully see see you in the verse!

Hi @GGhost01,

Welcome to ADI.

If you are just getting into trading make sure you do the self-service basic commerce cert and read the guides in the commerce and transportation forums. After that just play with us in Star Citizen public gaming channels on mumble and you will get into the game asap.

Hi Ghost, welcome to ADI! I thought that I only enjoyed FPS until recently trying dog fighting and then trading. There’s sooooo much to do!

welcome to ADI, ghost!

Welcome @GGhost01! It was nice meeting you on mumble last night, hope you got some laughs out of the shenanigans we got up to. Hope to see you on tonight and see what we can get up to. See you out there!

Welcome to ADI, Ghost. I can’t wait until the Merchantman gets released. I love the styling of the Banu Defender, and if that carries over to the BMM, it will be a beauty. Take care and I’ll see you on Mumble.

Hi GGhost, I was also an early backer and had to build a new machine just to enjoy the game. It certainly made a difference. Nice ship! Looking forward to crew with you.

Welcome to ADI Ghost! SC has so much to offer. I hope to see you on cargo runs and missions soon!

Welcome to ADI GGhost. I’m glad you joined the team. I’m with you on the Merchantman. See you in game.

Welcome GGhost! We’ll help you break in that new PC in no time! If you have questions please feel free to reach out.

Thanks for the warm welcome, the ops mission was very interesting as our cutlass black blowup with the cyclone on board. We managed to continue the mission with the cutlass red. So ADI operation mission seems normal as the military operations from my past always has some issue happening too. Salute and take care all. :+1:

Got to love the unpredictable elements of such missions! Glad you are here and having fun, and welcome @GGhost01!

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