Introduction: GerboTheGnome

Thank you! You are now the 4th person to comment about a RP team. Either TTRPG or just doing some fun machinima would be absolutely awesome!

Hallo Gnome and welcome!

Welcome to ADi @GerboTheGnome! I too enjoy a good ttrpg, what is your main?

Welcome to ADI! You see like quite the character, one who will fit right in with ADI! Hope to see you around the 'verse, and maybe chat some RPG as well. Cheers

Hi GerboTheGnome and welcome to ADI,

I’m glad you joined the org, I’m looking forward to flying with you in a Op. If you have any questions or need assistance do not hesitate to ask.

Yo Death,

I would be interested in this RP Team as well. Please let me know

Hey Gerbo, Welcome to ADI!

I am glad you joined and hope to fly with you in the verse someday. Inbetween quantum jumps, we can talk about the lore in the verse, there is a lot to go over. Seeing as you are a history buff I’m sure you already know quite a bit from your research before jumping in.

Hope to see you in the verse.

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